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agricultural Research service U.S. Department OF agriculture
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The Agricultural Research business ( is the U.S. Department of Agriculture"s chief scientific in-house research agency. Our task is finding options to agricultural problems that impact Americans every day from field to table. Here are a few numbers to highlight the limit of our organization:

660 research jobs within 15 nationwide Programs 2,000 scientists and also post docs 6,000 other employees 90+ research locations, including overseas laboratories$1.5 billion budget year budget

Mission delivers clinical solutions to nationwide and worldwide agricultural challenges.

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Global management in agricultural discoveries through scientific excellence.

Core Values

Scientific excellence, creativity, innovation, integrity, leadership, collaboration, accountability, transparency, diversity, respect, inclusiveness, and public service. These worths underpin’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge, scientific tools and also innovative options for American farmers, producers, industry, and also communities to support the nourishment and well-being of every people; sustain our country agroecosystems and also natural resources; and also ensure the financial competitiveness and excellence of ours agriculture.


The Administrator is Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young. Dr. Steven M. Kappes is the Associate Administrator, National Programs. Dr. Simon Liu is the Associate Administrator, research study Management and Operations. For more information see Biographical Sketches that our Administrators.

We take an excellent care in designing and also organizing our study effort, and we listen—and respond—to those through a stake in the outcome. Much more information deserve to be uncovered in The research Enterprise.

Research will supply cutting-edge, clinical tools and innovative remedies for American farmers, producers, industry, and also communities to assistance the nourishment and also well-being of all people; sustain our country agroecosystems and also natural resources; and ensure the economic competitiveness and also excellence of our agriculture.

Plans and Reports

We follow a strategic setup we construct to accomplish our stakeholders" needs and also support"s mission. We inspect our progression in delivering out the plan, and we modify it as scenarios require. See every one of our Plans and Reports

Research, Education and also Economics is one of four agencies in"s Research, Education and Economics (REE) mission area. The rather are national Institute the Food and agriculture (NIFA), economic Research business (ERS), and National farming Statistics business (NASS).


Since we room an agency of the Research, Education and Economics mission area that, Congress develops our yearly budget on the communication of the President"s proposed budget and research priorities. Our budget year spending plan is about $1.5 billion.

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Our scientists typically collaborate with study partners from universities, companies, other organizations, and other countries. See more about Partnering and modern technology Transfer.