Fill in the blank: The oxidation number of nitrogen is zero in nitrogen molecules and _ in nitric acid.

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fill in the blank. The oxidation variety of nitrogen is zero in nitrogen molecules and also blank in nitric acid. (A) to add six, (B) plus five, (C) to add three, (D) minus five, (E) minus six.

This difficulty is asking us to uncover the oxidation variety of nitrogen in nitric acid. In bespeak to resolve this problem, allow us very first discuss oxidation numbers. Oxidation numbers show the degree of oxidation of an atom in isolation or in a link in terms of counting electrons. Oxidation numbers tell us how numerous electrons an aspect will acquire or lose to form a shortcut or one ion.

since we need to understand the oxidation number of nitrogen in nitric acid, let us write the formula because that nitric acid. Nitric acid is written of the hydrogen ion, which has actually a charge of one plus, and also the nitrate ion, NO3, with a fee of one minus. We will certainly crisscross the charge numbers and drop the hopeful and an unfavorable signs the the ions. This gives us the formula the HNO3 because that nitric acid.

This question reminds united state that nitrogen has an oxidation number of zero in nitrogen molecules. This is since the nitrogen molecule is exclusively composed of only one type of element, nitrogen. Yet we need to uncover the oxidation variety of nitrogen in HNO3, which does not have an oxidation variety of zero since the nitrogen atom is in ~ a compound composed of an ext than just one form of element. Once determining the oxidation variety of an atom in a molecule, the molecule will always have a net fee of zero.

Now, permit us discuss some of the rules for determining the oxidation number of aspects within a compound that will assist us come answer this question. The an initial rule us will comment on is the oxidation number for hydrogen in a compound is to add one. Therefore, the oxidation variety of hydrogen in nitric acid is plus one. The other preeminence that will assist us is the oxidation number because that oxygen in a compound is minus two. So, because there are three atoms of oxygen in nitric acid and also each oxygen atom has an oxidation variety of minus two, the all at once oxidation number is minus 6 for oxygen.

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us now understand that the oxidation numbers of hydrogen, nitrogen, and also oxygen need to equal zero. We can set up an equation and substitute the known oxidation numbers, where