You usage a greeting when you need to open interaction with someone, but is over there a native for once you must close communication?

for example,

note a / shows a physical action (not just talked words):

Greetings: Hey, Hi, /salute, /wave, etc. ???? : Bye, watch ya, /wave, etc.



There is a hold of words for this:

goodbye, farewell, leave-taking, adieu, arrivederci, au revoir, sayonara

cornbread sums castle up all in valediction.

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Wikipedia calls the a valediction. I"d just speak to it a closing.

A valediction (derivation native Latin vale dicere, "to sayfarewell"),1 or totally free close in American,<2> is anexpression provided to speak farewell, particularly a word or phrase provided toend a letter or message,<3><4> or the action of speak parting words-whether brief, or extensive.

For the greetings equivalent to valediction, see salutation.



In a letter, most world call it "a closing".

In person, most human being call that "goodbyes".

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"Valediction" is a perfectly good word however rarely provided in common speech.

In letters, it"s dubbed a complimentary close.

This man collects castle in a database:

You could likewise use the word farewells — one meaning being, a parting salutation

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What is a communication malfunction caused by two cultures/societies make the efforts to adapt one another's mores called?
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