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Claustrophobia is the are afraid of being in a place that’s tiny and no being maybe to get out. Claustrophobic world are uncomfortable with being confined and may feel unsafe as soon as they can’t escape.

There are many situations where claustrophobia has caused people to panic, and also some cases where it reasons physical injury. Claustrophobes have actually trouble with elevators, tunnels, and even speak on an airplane.

But what around the opposite? have you ever before stopped and wondered what the opposite feeling of claustrophobia might be?

Symptoms of Claustrophobia

Claustrophobes tend to feel trapped, anxious, and fearful in close up door spaces. It can cause panic attacks and even trauma because that sensitives.

Some usual symptoms encompass shortness the breath and also sweating, and feelings of imminent doom or death.

Is Agoraphobia the opposite of Claustrophobia?

Agoraphobia is the are afraid of open, public spaces. It seems like it would certainly be opposing of claustrophobia, but they are not opposites at all.

Agoraphobes have a are afraid of situations that space not easily controlled by castle – whereby an escape could be difficult or impossible.

It could also be fear of traveling alone, or in one unfamiliar place. Agoraphobes can avoid scenarios where to escape is complicated or embarrassing, such together being in a group or standing in line.

This are afraid is often connected to the are afraid of society embarrassment.

Claustrophilia is opposing of Claustrophobia

Claustrophilia is the love of tiny spaces. This is no a typical phenomenon, as most world fear being in small, attached areas.

For some, the desire that a confined an are is a method to feel safe and also secure, while because that others that is a desire for intimacy.

This could seem strange, as most people would typically prefer more space in which come move roughly freely.

The love of small spaces is difficult to understand, but there space some who have this love so strongly they go out of their means to seek out border or enclosed areas.

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In Conclusion

The fear of tight, attached spaces is referred to as claustrophobia. Contradictory to popular belief, the opposite of claustrophobia no agoraphobia; it’s actually claustrophilia or a desire to it is in in tiny spaces.