Sodium and also chlorine deserve to be incredibly dangerous in their elembsci-ch.orgtal form. Exactly how is it possible that we can eat them in a compound?


the concbsci-ch.orgtration of in shoots and roots was greatest at 14 mg N T^ At every level, increase in salinity significantly decreased concbsci-ch.orgtrations in shoots and also roots.

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This atom has actually two neutral fee subatomic particles and two negatively fee subatomic particles. What is this atom?

You have actually prepared a saturated solution of x at 20∘c making use of 39.0 g the water. Just how much much more solute deserve to be dissolved if the temperat

for 39g water solute liquified at 20C = solubility ( g/ 100 g H2O ) × mass of water = ( 11g / 100g H2O ) × 39g H2O = 4.29 g

amount of solute dissolved at 30 C =

= 23 / 100 * 39 = 8.97 g

Amount that extra solute liquified = 8.97 - 4.29 = 4.7 g

The solubility of NaCH3CO2 in water is ~1.23 g/mL. What would certainly be the best an approach for preparing a supersaturated NaCH3CO2 solutio


b) add 130 g of NaCH₃CO₂ come 100 mL that H₂O at 80 °C when stirring till all the heavy dissolves, allow the solution cool come room temperature.


The solubility that NaCH₃CO₂ in water is ~1.23 g/mL. This means that at room temperature, we can dissolve 1.23 g of solute in 1 mL of water (solvbsci-ch.orgt).

What would certainly be the best method for preparing a supersaturated NaCH₃CO₂ solution?

a) include 130 g of NaCH₃CO₂ come 100 mL of H₂O at room temperature when stirring until all the hard dissolves. NO. In ~ room temperature, in 100 mL the H₂O deserve to only be liquified 123 g of solute. If we include 130 g that solute, 123 g will dissolve and the rest (7 g) will certainly precipitate. The resulting solution will it is in saturated.

b) add 130 g that NaCH₃CO₂ to 100 mL the H₂O at 80 °C if stirring till all the hard dissolves, let the systems cool to room temperature. YES. The solubility that NaCH₃CO₂ in ~ 80 °C is ~1.50g/mL. If we include 130 g that solute at 80 °C and also let the slowly cool (and without any kind of perturbation), the resulting systems at room temperature will be supersaturated.

c) add 1.23 g the NaCH₃CO₂ to 200 mL of H₂O in ~ 80 °C if stirring until all the hard dissolves, allow the systems cool to room temperature.

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NO. If we include 1.23 g the solute to 200 mL the water, the resulting equipment will have actually a concbsci-ch.orgtration of 1.23 g/200 mL = 0.00615 g/mL, i beg your pardon represbsci-ch.orgts one unsaturated solution.