Type of Rock: Parent rock: Texture: Description:
Metarmorphic absent Sandstone. Non-foliated Composed of interlocking quartz grains.


A thin section is made by grinding down a part of absent which has been glued to a glass slide till it get a thickness of around 0.03mm (30 microns). At this thickness many minerals become an ext or much less transparent and can as such be studied by a microscope using sent light.


AGENTS the METAMORPHISM - The agents the metamorphism incorporate heat, press (stress), and also chemically energetic fluids. During metamorphism, rocks are frequently subjected come all three metamorphic agents simultaneously. However, the level of metamorphism and also the donation of every agent vary substantially from one environment to another.

In low-grade metamorphism, rocks space subjected to temperatures and pressures only slightly better than those connected with the lithification the sediments. High-grade metamorphism, ~ above the various other hand, involves extreme tectonic forces and temperatures close come those at which rocks melt.

High pressure and also temperature have the right to be produced by:

1. Burial during sedimentary deposition

2. Plate motion against each other

Chemical task as a Metamorphic agent - Chemically energetic fluids likewise enhance the metamorphic process. Most commonly, the liquid is water containing ions in solution. Water is plentiful, due to the fact that some water is consisted of in the sharp spaces of virtually every rock. In addition, countless minerals are hydrated (have water bound chemically) and thus save on computer water within their crystalline structures. How Metamorphism changes Rocks The metamorphic procedure causes many changes in rocks, consisting of increased density, development of bigger crystals, reorientation the the mineral grains into a layered or banded texture, and the transformation of short temperature minerals into high-temperature minerals.
Heat together a Metamorphic agent - The most crucial agent the metamorphism is heat because it gives the energy to drive the chemical changes that an outcome in the recrystallization the minerals. Heat my derived from intrusion the molten product rising indigenous below. The effects of this contact metamorphism space most evident when it occurs at or near the surface ar where the temperature contrast in between the magma and also the organize rock is most pronounced.
Pressure and Stress together Metamorphic Agents - Pressure, choose temperatures, additionally increases v depth. Buried rocks space subjected to the force, or stress, pressure (stress)as metamorphic agent exerted through the fill above. This confining press is analogous come water press where the force is applied equally in all directions. The depths you walk in the ocean, the higher the push on every sides. The same is true for rocks in ~ depth. This forces, which room unequal in different directions, are referred to as differential stresses. Most frequently these differential forces are compressional and act to shorten a absent body. In some environments, however, the stresses are tensional and also tend to elongate, or traction apart, the absent mass.

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Extended pebble conglomerate as a an outcome of differential stress and anxiety Differential stress and anxiety can also cause a absent to shear.