Difference in between Corn and Maize

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The word “corn” has various interpretations depending upon different geographical regions. That stands for any kind of local seed that are safe come eat and also harvested in huge areas. In brother English, the word corn pertains to any type of cereal crop or grain. Etymologically, the Latinate native “grain” and also Germanic word “corn” represent any type of edible plant-seed like millet, barley, rye, wheat, maize, oats etc. For the brothers people, corn is the cook grains that are accessible in their county together food crop; so they interpreted corn together wheat. As soon as the English and also German speakers gone into the brand-new World, they attributed the hatchet corn come the local grain namely, “Zea mays”. In ~ the same time they differentiated Zea mays together Indian corn, to keep the word “corn” separate so together to apply it for the grains in total.

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In numerous countries, corn is the name given to the leading crop grown in certain districts. In Scotland and Ireland, it relates to oats. In the Bible, corn is nothing yet wheat and also barley. In USA and Canada corn and maize space one and the same, and also is expected for the plant that produces kernels provided for cooking. However, the hatchet corn is wanted over maize because that food assets that are made native it, such together corn flour, corn starch, cornmeal etc. However, through regard come commodity trading, corn is just maize, and does not include any type of other grains. In culinary, the corn is usually mentioned as sweet corn, popcorn, cornflakes, infant corn, dent corn, flint corn, flour corn, and also waxy corn. The is the main component of crate corn, infant food, mush, puddings, and also many other human foods.


In 1492 AD, once Columbus got to the north Antilles near San Salvador, that was populated by the native Tahino civilization who called their staple chop as mahiz. The Spaniards took enough of these giant grains for circulation on your voyage and propagated the name mahiz throughout. Thus, etymologically, the word has become today’s “maize” in English, and also “maiz” in Spanish. Because that the English settlers in the new World, maize to be a new crop and also they short a suitable word to speak to maize. Therefore they dubbed it Indian corn, i m sorry later ended up being corn. Numerous scholars host that maize was entirely a different plant 보다 the existing genetically changed crop we harvest. The name, Maize is welcomed for scientific and also international applications, due to the fact that it refers just to this specific grain, conversely, corn suggests different interpretations by context and also geographical locations.

Maize was originated from its mexico variant called teosinte. It has actually a single erect solid stem through long and also narrow leaves that thrive alternately, whereas teosinte is small and bushy. The difference in their appearance is as result of the sports in their 2 genes. Teosinte and also maize can be based on cross breeding to make productive offspring. The maize is now considered to be among the key grain crops in the world.

Ancient farmer in Mexico are well-known to it is in the an initial to domesticate maize. Lock noticed the the tree were not at every the same in appearance. Some prospered larger than others, and also some kernels to be tastier. Therefore they selected the best ones the got desired characteristics and cultivated them for the following harvest season. This process was referred to as selective breeding, from which the modern maize originated.

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Uses that Maize or Corn

The maize, which is one of the significant staple foodstuffs in the world, is offered as filler for plastics, insulation and adhesives. It is also utilized because that making chemicals, explosives, paint, dyes, pharmaceuticals, solvents etc. Maize plants constitute the key subject product for the examine of genetics and biochemistry. The is well-off in carbohydrates and vitamins A, B & C. Consumption of maize to reduce diabetes and hypertension. The antioxidants contained in it boost eye wellness too.