The most usual reproductive structures discovered in fungi, plants and also some bacterias room spores and seeds. In order come produce brand-new organisms or tree of the species they are of, they have to go under germination.

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Seeds vs Spores

The difference between seeds and spores is that seeds are larger and also can be seen and touched quickly whereas spores space very small and deserve to only be seen by the help of a magnifying glass or a microscope.


The purpose of both seeds and spores in a tree is similar, that is, come produce brand-new plants yet they space still an extremely different from each other. Spores are of two varieties that are heterosporous and homosporous. Heterosporous also has 2 different types that are tiny male spore and huge female spore. 

Seeds likewise are of two species that room diploid and also haploid. The difference in between a diploid and a haploid is the a diploid has two set of combine chromosomes while a haploid has actually only one set of paired chromosomes.

Comparison Table in between Seeds and Spores

Parameters of ComparisonSeedsSporesDefinitionThe ripened ovules in a flowering plant is recognized as a seed.The reproductive cells that space responsible for developing into a brand-new plant or organism there is no any combination with an additional reproductive cabinet are well-known as spores.SizeThey are big in size or space macroscopic.They are very tiny in size or space microscopic.Produced bySeeds are developed by flower plants.Spores are produced by non-flowering plants and also fungi.Location in plantsSeeds are usually located within the fruit the the plant. Spores are normally located in ~ the underside of fern leaves and also in the mosses and also gills the fungi.Process the productionSeeds are arisen by the process of mitosis from the ovules with various other fertilized egg cells.Spores are occurred by the process of meiosis that the sporophyte.QuantitySeeds are developed in fewer numbers.Spores are produced in huge numbers.Type that reproductionSeeds are units of sexual reproduction.Spores are units that asexual reproduction.Cellular complexitySeeds room multicellular.Spores space unicellular.Method that dispersionSeeds are dispersed by animals.Spores are mostly dispersed by water and wind.Reserved foodSeeds save on computer the endosperms that store nutrients for the expansion of the embryo.Spores carry out not contain any type of reserved food.Survival capabilitiesSeeds are capable of enduring in an extremely harsh conditions.Spores space not capable and are much less prone to survive in harsh environments.Water requiredSeeds require less water for germination.Spores require more water because that germination.

What is Seed?

The ripened ovule through a little embryonic tree enclosed together a covering dubbed a particle coat is known as a seed. That can additionally be claimed to it is in the ovule which is current inside the ovary that after fertilization develops into a seed. The seed is composed of three components which are the embryo, endosperm and also the particle coat. Part seeds might or might not have endosperm. The only resource of food for the development of the embryo is save in the endosperm. The role of the seeds coat is come ensure and protect the embryo until it grows into a brand-new plant. This seeds coat has actually one or an ext protective class to defend the tree from any type of damage.

What is Spore?

The reproductive cell, body organ or structure of a fungi, non-flowering plant and algae is dubbed a spore. A spore is qualified of reproducing and growing right into a new organism or plant without it’s combination with any type of other reproductive cells. They are basically devices of asexual reproduction that are created in non-flowering plants, algae, fungi, bacteria, etc. There are two species of spores that space homosporous and heterosporous a tree is called homospory if the produces just one type of spore whereas the is called heterospory if that produces two varieties of spores, the is, both male and also female spores.

Main Differences in between Seeds and also Spores

Seeds are the ripened ovules in a flowering plant whereas spores space the reproductive cells that space responsible for developing into a brand-new plant or organism there is no the spore’s combination with another reproductive cell.Seeds are large in size and are macroscopic when spores space very small in size and are microscopic.Seeds require less water for germination conversely, spores require an ext water for germination.Seeds are capable of surviving in an extremely harsh conditions while spores room not as qualified as seeds and are much less prone to endure in harsh environments.Seeds save the endosperms that save nutrients because that the expansion of the embryo. Spores, top top the other hand, perform not contain any kind of reserved food.Seeds are distributed by pets while spores are most of the time dispersed by wind and water.Seeds are multicellular vice versa, spores room unicellular.Seeds room the systems of sex-related reproduction if spores are the systems of asexual reproduction.Seeds are occurred by the process of mitosis from the ovules with other fertilized egg cell whereas spores are arisen by the process of meiosis of the sporophyte.Seeds are developed in much less number if spores are developed in big numbers by the plant.Flowering plants create seeds and also non-flowering plants and fungi develop spores.You can find seeds inside the fruit of the plant, like in the instance of Mango. Spores deserve to be discovered on the underside that fern leaves or have the right to be uncovered in the mosses and also gills that fungi.

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Both seeds and also spores room the reproductive frameworks of a plant. Flower plants produce seeds whereas non-flowering plants, algae, bacteria and fungi produce spores. The manufacturing of spores in a plant or biology is very big in number while the production of seed is much less in number. Also, the size of seeds is much bigger than that the the spores. Spores room microscopic which means they have the right to only be watched by the help of a magnifying equipment. Spores deserve to be watched at the underside the fern leaves. In fungi, lock are present in mosses and gills. On the other hand, seed are current inside the fruits of the plant.