Hi - we desire to acquire to Bend, paris to Portland & then what is the most basic airport to gain to the area? Suggestions? planning a 2012 pilgrimage in the fall.

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Here's the info on the Bend-Redmond airpport. You have a limited selection of airline that serve the airplane (and castle aren't every daily). Your other choices for airports in Oregon are Eugene, Medford and Portland, with PDX regularly being a lot much less expensive. It payment to compare costs, incuding auto rental. A pair hundred dollars distinction in waiting fares could convince you come fly into Portland and also rent a car. You'll want a vehicle in bend anyway. It'll offer you a opportunity to see some of our beautiful state enroute.

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Jen F
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3.Re: paris to bending - finest airport?
10 year ago
The airport password is RDM. It's a pretty tiny airport. Services and staff room all pretty great though. Depending upon what time of year can be a beautiful drive over the mountains from Portland though... It's always pretty but the autumn colors might be nice to see.

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4.Re: paris to bend - finest airport?
10 years ago
We always fly to PDX since of the distinction in Airfare. If time are bad stay in Salem the very first night. In the Fall, ns would definitely not take trip the hills at night. The color in the day are simply to good to miss.

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5.Re: flying to bend - finest airport?
9 years ago
The nearest commercial-airline airport to bending is in Redmond, i beg your pardon is a different city; the airport code is RDM. RDM is about a 20-minute drive south on Highway 97 indigenous Bend, depending on where you are continuing to be in Bend.

The journey from PDX (Portland's commercial-airline airport) to bending takes about three hours. There have the right to be snow and also ice top top the roadway in late autumn (i.e., November and also December).

If girlfriend are protecting against in Portland anyway, climate renting a auto in Portland and driving to bend will most likely be cheaper 보다 flying native Portland come Bend, depending on airfares and also how many world are traveling. And, as the poster over mentioned, you'll want a auto in Bend, anyway.

Does the help? Feel complimentary to write-up follow-up questions if any of the details isn't clear. Countless of us in Bend do the drive to Portland multiple time a year and likewise alternate flying right into RDM or PDX depending upon airfares and also time that year.

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6.Re: flying to bend - finest airport?
9 years ago
OP has actually not returned because July . . .

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jonathan D
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7.Re: flying to bending - ideal airport?
9 year ago
Portland is walk to it is in your finest place to fly into. The extra price of going come a tiny air port can be made up in her rental car.

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8.Re: flying to bend - best airport?
9 year ago
This conversation keeps repeating itself...and no answer is appropriate all the time.

We right now have bookings for three trips...to the east shore out of Seattle (Delta), to mountain Jose out of PDX (Southwest) and to Phoenix the end of Eugene (Alaska). In every case, us took advantage of "specials" being offered. It's the very same with paris to Bend, Eugene or Medford. If you're diligent and keep up on the specials with websites favor airfarewatchdog.com, friend can often get the transaction you want.

If you need to go "right now" jonahan D's blanket endorsement of PDX carries some truth...maybe.

Although we haven't heard ago from the OP, his/her plans were for following fall, so probably he/she is still keeping up through this thread and watching because that specials.

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9.Re: flying to bending - best airport?
8 year ago

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