Globe/T. Rob Brown -- “Dr. Food Science” (aka employee writer Dustin Shipman) ponders the secret of the well known Sprite and bananas mix and other food myths.

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The Joplin Globe, Joplin, MO
bsci-ch.orgEditor’s note: Dr. Food science does not hold a degree from an accredited university. That is not, in fact, a real medical professional at all. (If you have an appointment through him, you re welcome cancel the immediately.) The following experiments space — to usage a highly scientific term — stupid, and should no be check by anyone, at any type of time. Ever.Good morning, class. I am her instructor, Dr. Food Science.Recently, i headed to my top-secret activities to undertake numerous food experiments, v the goal of trying come separate reality from fiction.Is it possible to eat six saltine crackers in a minute? are Sprite and also bananas yes, really a negative combination? Is the really impossible to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon?While this experiments may seem sophomoric and juvenile to you, these are questions with extensive implications. And in the interest of science, i felt compelled to put them come the test. Please, perform not try these experiments at home. I am, after all, a professional.Experiment No. 1The first experiment sounds quite simple: eat six consistent saltine crackers in under one minute there is no anything come drink to aid wash them down.I to be confident about the success that this experiment. Six crackers space tiny enough to right in your mouth every at once and also a complete minute come chew and also swallow lock sounded prefer plenty that time.Do no be fooled. That is far more an overwhelming than it sounds. As soon as I bit right into the very first cracker, it functioned like a sponge come suck up every the saliva in my mouth, making that virtually impossible to swallow. I would say the eating only three crackers in a minute’s time is advertise the borders of what the human being mouth have the right to handle. However six, in mine opinion, is impossible.I consulted through Heather Boline, a dietitian v Freeman health System, ~ the experiment to find out why.Boline stated that one should always have water handy as soon as eating something dry prefer crackers to aid the mouth begin digestion. She additionally warned that there is a possibility of throttle anytime who tries to eat also quickly.Experiment No. 2There room variations ~ above this experiment, yet the simple premise states that the person body can not digest bananas and also Sprite in ~ the same time.There are many videos obtainable on the web of people taking ~ above this difficulty and failing miserably. However, in the surname of science I thought it was important to shot the experiment myself.According come the internet site, the an obstacle is to eat two bananas and also then conveniently drink a deserve to of Sprite. Supposedly it causes a chemical reaction in the person’s stomach which forces the banana and Sprite cocktail to “evacuate.”Boline stated that she was unaware of any kind of actual research study done entailing Sprite and also bananas. However, she claimed that one possible explanation is the the person stomach deserve to only hold around two cups, depending on the person.“Too much food or liquid in your stomach if your stomach doesn’t have that ability can make you vomit,” Boline said. “Too much of anything is no good.”She had actually a point.The very first thing that ns noticed to be that 2 bananas and a have the right to of Sprite is a many food to placed in one’s stomach. I have actually a emotion that for many people, forcing that much food right into their stomachs in such a brief time framework could cause them to be sick.However, i was not influenced in any far-reaching way. I supposed stomach swelling, like swallowing one Alka Seltzer, or maybe some sort of sudden, violent illness. But nothing happened; at least, naught that would certainly lead me to think that there is nothing more than a psychosomatic an answer from world that have tried this.

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Experiment No. 3The final experiment ns took on was the one ns looked forward to the least.It sounded basic enough: eat a teaspoon of cinnamon, with no time limit.I had actually read horror stories from people who insurance claim to have actually tried it, saying that it was an unpleasant endure at best. Cinnamon apparently does not dissolve fine in the mouth, making it difficult to swallow. And also due to the dust, some have even contrasted it to gift pepper-sprayed.Boline advised against trying this.“Too lot of anything really isn’t wise, also though they can make supplements because that cinnamon or garlic,” Boline said. “They are dosed amounts. I wouldn’t introduce anyone eating a spoonful of cinnamon.”For me, however, her advice came too late.Through mine experimentation, I uncovered that cinnamon doesn’t have actually a bad taste. The wasn’t bitter prefer I expected; rather, that tasted favor putting a teaspoon of baby powder in your mouth. And it remained as dry in my mouth as the moment it very first went in.I waited practically a complete minute because that it to start to dissolve before I had actually to spit it out. I was lucky enough not to cough or get in my eye or lungs, but I did have actually the sensation the I had just licked a belt sander.As I had heard, I would certainly say that this is impossible and wouldn’t recommend that anyone attempt it, ever — even in the surname of science.