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Another year is here! A whole brand-new set the twelve month to look front to. You know what’s a an excellent way to note this occasion? discover Spanish words about the calendar!

Here in this article, fine talk about Spanish words because that the different days of the week, the Spanish surname of the months, as well as how come talk about dates in Spanish.

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Take keep in mind that unequal in English, the names of the work of the week are not capitalized in Spanish.

Let’s check out some instances below.

Necesito ir al médico el jueves. I must go come the physician on Thursday.

Mi cumpleaños es el martes. My birthday is top top Tuesday.

El nuevo capítulo revenue cada miércoles. The new chapter comes the end every Wednesday.

Voy a la iglesia el domingo. Ns go to church top top Sunday.

Just favor the work of the week, the surname of the month are additionally not capitalized in Spanish!

Let’s take a look at some instance sentences below.

El cumpleaños de louis es en febrero. Luis"s date of birth is in February.

Las vacaciones terminan en septiembre. Vacation ends in September.

Mi boda será en enero. mine wedding will be in January.

Dates will always come up during conversations, for this reason make certain you know exactly how to to speak the day in Spanish!

Here space a few reminders:

When talking around dates in Spanish, the month is claimed after the day. Because that example: Hoy es el nueve de enero. Now is January 9.
The format for saying days in Spanish is: el + work + de + month (+ de + year). Because that example: el dos de septiembre de 2015. September 2, 2015
In Latin American Spanish, however, ordinal number are supplied on the very first day that the month. Example: Hoy es el primero de enero. This day is January first. But for all other dates, cardinal numbers space still used.
Here space some much more examples:

Hoy es 5 de Diciembre de 2018. this particular day is December 5, 2018.

Ella nació el 12 de febrero de 1990. She was born ~ above February 12, 1990.

Nuestra primera cita fue el 10 de julio de 2018. Our first date to be July 10, 2018.

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You can also learn Spanish native in context with your copy of Spanish story for Beginners. It come with free audio, too! inspect it the end below!

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