Converting a fraction like 9/10 come its percentage layout is a very straightforward and helpful math skill that will help students to know fractions and also how come express castle in different ways. In this article, we"ll display you precisely how to transform fractions come a percentage and also give you too many of instances to help you.

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There space two key ways come express a fraction as a percentage:

Divide 100 by the numerator, and then multiply both numerator and denominator through the answer.

The an initial step is come make certain we understand all of the state in the problem we space trying come solve:

Numerator - this is the number above the portion line. Because that 910, the molecule is 9.Denominator - this is the number below the fraction line. For 910, the denominator is 10.Per cent - "per cent" method parts every hundred, so saying 50%, for example, is the same as the fraction 50100 or 510.

Convert 9/10 to percent by an altering Denominator

The an initial method we have actually is to convert the fraction so that the denominator is 100. Since "per cent" means parts every hundred, if we can convert the fraction to have 100 as the denominator, us then understand that the peak number, the numerator, is the percentage.

First, we divide 100 by the denominator:

100 ÷ 10 = 10

Once we have actually the answer of 10, we can multiply both the numerator and the denominator by the to acquire our new "percent" fraction:

9 × 1010 × 10=90100

Our percent portion is 90/100, which means that 910 as a portion is 90%.

Convert 9/10 to percent by converting to Decimal

With this method, we an initial need to divide the molecule by the denominator:

9 ÷ 10 = 0.9

Once we have actually the fraction in a decimal format, the price is then multiplied through 100 to acquire the correct percentage:

0.9 × 100 = 90%

We deserve to see the this provides us the precise same answer as the first method: 9/10 as a percent is 90%.

Both approaches of convert a fraction to a percentage are quite straightward and can be used to any fraction easily when you have actually learned and also memorized the measures involved.

Note, the final percentage is rounded to 2 decimal locations to do the answer straightforward to read and understand.

Practice portion Worksheets

Like most math problems, percentages is something that will get much much easier for you the an ext you practice the problems and the more you practice, the much more you understand.

Whether you space a student, a parent, or a teacher, friend can create your own percentage worksheets using our portion worksheet generator. This completely free tool will let girlfriend create totally randomized, differentiated, percentafe difficulties to help you v your learning and also understanding of percentages.

Practice fractions to percentage Using Examples

If you want to continue learning about how to transform fractions come percentages, take it a look at the rapid calculations and also random calculations in the sidebar come the appropriate of this blog post.

We have provided some the the most usual fractions in the rapid calculation section, and also a selection of totally random fractions together well, to aid you work through a variety of problems.

Each short article will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to convert a portion into a percentage and also will assist students to really learn and understand this process.

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