So you desire to division your fraction 1/5 through your entirety number 30, right? You"re in the right place. In this simple walkthrough guide, we"ll present you precisely what you should do to divide any fraction by a whole number (it"s at sight simple). Keep analysis to uncover out!

If you"ve ready any kind of of our fraction walkthroughs before, you"ll know we constantly kick the display off through a fast recap for the kids. The number over the dividing line is the numerator, and the number below the heat is the denominator. Straightforward stuff however sometimes we have the right to all acquire a small forgetful!

To visualize the question we space trying to solve, let"s placed 1/5 and also 30 side-by-side for this reason it"s less complicated to see:

So below is the very easy method to number out what 1/5 separated by 30 is. Every we must do here is store the numerator exactly the very same (1) and also multiple the denominator by the entirety number:

Can it probably be that simply to divide a portion by a whole number? Yup. I dislike to disappointed you however this could be the easiest trouble you"ve had actually to resolve all job long!

In some situations the new fraction we have actually after performing the calculation deserve to be streamlined down more to reduced terms but, in this case, the portion is currently in its lowest form.

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You"re done! You now know exactly how to calculation 1/5 divided by 30. Hopefully you taken the process and deserve to use the same approaches to divide various other fractions by entirety numbers.

Convert 1/5 divided by 30 come Decimal

Here"s a little bonus calculation because that you to quickly work out the decimal layout of the fraction we calculated. Once you have your final fraction, simply divide the numerator by the denominator to acquire your answer in decimal form:

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