This encounters adding, subtracting and also finding the least usual multiple.

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Step by action Solution



Rearrange the equation by subtracting what is to the right of the equal sign from both political parties of the equation : 1/5-(25/x)=0

Step by step solution :

Step 1 :

25 leveling —— x Equation in ~ the end of action 1 : 1 25 — - —— = 0 5 x

Step 2 :

1 leveling — 5Equation at the end of action 2 : 1 25 — - —— = 0 5 x

Step 3 :

Calculating the Least common Multiple :3.1 discover the Least usual Multiple The left denominator is : 5 The best denominator is : x

Number of times each prime factorappears in the administer of:PrimeFactorLeftDenominatorRightDenominatorL.C.M = MaxLeft,Right
Product the allPrime Factors515

Number of times each Algebraic Factorappears in the administrate of:AlgebraicFactorLeftDenominatorRightDenominatorL.C.M = MaxLeft,Right

Least common Multiple: 5x

Calculating multiplier :

3.2 calculation multipliers because that the 2 fractions denote the Least usual Multiple by L.C.M denote the Left Multiplier by Left_M denote the appropriate Multiplier by Right_M represent the Left Deniminator by L_Deno signify the best Multiplier through R_DenoLeft_M=L.C.M/L_Deno=xRight_M=L.C.M/R_Deno=5

Making tantamount Fractions :

3.3 Rewrite the two fractions into equivalent fractionsTwo fractions are called equivalent if they have the same numeric value. For instance : 1/2 and also 2/4 room equivalent, y/(y+1)2 and also (y2+y)/(y+1)3 are equivalent as well. To calculation equivalent fraction , main point the molecule of each fraction, by its particular Multiplier.

L. Mult. • L. Num. X —————————————————— = —— L.C.M 5x R. Mult. • R.

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Num. 25 • 5 —————————————————— = —————— L.C.M 5x adding fractions that have a usual denominator :3.4 including up the two indistinguishable fractions include the two indistinguishable fractions i beg your pardon now have actually a typical denominatorCombine the molecule together, put the sum or difference over the typical denominator then minimize to lowest terms if possible:

x - (25 • 5) x - 125 ———————————— = ——————— 5x 5x Equation at the finish of action 3 : x - 125 ——————— = 0 5x

Step 4 :

When a portion equals zero :4.1 once a portion equals zero ...Where a portion equals zero, that numerator, the part which is over the fraction line, must equal zero.Now,to eliminate the denominator, Tiger multiplys both sides of the equation through the denominator.Here"s how:

x-125 ————— • 5x = 0 • 5x 5x Now, top top the left hand side, the 5x cancels out the denominator, while, on the right hand side, zero times anything is still zero.The equation now takes the shape:x-125=0

Solving a solitary Variable Equation:4.2Solve:x-125 = 0Add 125 come both political parties of the equation:x = 125