Describe pathways of species evolution in hybrid zones explain the two significant theories on rates of speciation

Speciation occurs over a span of evolution time, so when a new species arises, over there is a transition period during i m sorry the very closely related species continue come interact.

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After speciation, two varieties may recombine or even continue communicating indefinitely. Individual organisms will certainly mate through any adjacent individual that they are qualified of breeding with. One area wherein two very closely related types continue come interact and also reproduce, creating hybrids, is referred to as a hybrid zone. Over time, the hybrid ar may change depending ~ above the fitness the the hybrids and the reproductive barriers (Figure \(\PageIndex1\)). If the hybrids are much less fit than the parents, reinforcement of speciation occurs, and also the varieties continue come diverge until they deserve to no longer mate and also produce viable offspring. If reproductive barriers weaken, fusion occurs and also the two varieties become one. Barriers remain the very same if hybrids room fit and reproductive: stability might occur and also hybridization continues.

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Fusion is most most likely to occur due to the fact that the two varieties will interact much more and comparable traits in food acquisition will certainly be selected.