Have friend heard the urban legend that drinking bong water will make girlfriend high? Not only is this myth false, yet it’s additionally unsanitary and also quite disgusting. In this article, we’ll i found it what wake up if friend drink bong water and why you must never do so.

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What is bong water?

Bong water is the water inside of your bong the is offered to filter out harmful additive or chemistry in her cannabis so that you get a cleaner hit once you take a drag. Because the water is offered as a filter, it’s to fill with possibly hazardous chemicals and material the you definitely don’t desire inside your body.


What wake up if you drink bong water?

If you do the mistake of drinking bong water, you will certainly most certainly not obtain high. Instead, you’ll be filling her body with chemicals prefer ash and tar that have actually been filtered the end of the cannabis. You’ll likewise be ingesting any type of bacteria indigenous whoever else’s body the you shared your bong with.

Will you obtain sick?

The effects of drinking bong water space nothing exciting. Because THC and CBD are not water-soluble, the is difficult for the bong water to contain any type of psychoactive chemicals. Although you won’t acquire high from drink bong water, girlfriend may acquire sick.

It is feasible for the dirty water come contain mold, yeast, fungi, and also other microbe that could make you sick. In fact, the water could be so contaminated that it is no recommended come water your other plants v it.

So what have to you execute with this water?

After you have smoked, us recommending saying adios and dumping the water directly down the drain. You should start out any kind of smoking session with clean bong water to acquire the finest hits possible. Examine out our article on how to clean your bong where we guide you with the cleaning and sanitizing process.

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Overall, don’t drink the bong water!

If you’ve ever thought about drinking the water, simply don’t carry out it. Instead, emphasis on preserving a clean bong through fresh water and leave the psychoactive effects up to the actual cannabis products.

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