Lotion and conditioner are comparable in their formulas that are the same thing. Both are oil in water emulsions. Both would certainly usually have actually a large water phase. Both have oils or oil-free emollients.

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Use human body lotion as a hair conditioner is helping regulate frizzy hair, simply as it soft skin. Hair is one form of skin. You can use lotion all over dry skin and also expect an excellent results; the exact same is not true when applying lotion come the hair.

You are learning about lotion types and application techniques, you can regulate frizz there is no leaving her hair in a greasy heap.

Body odor Vs Hair Conditioner

Lotion can be a safe household alternate to attain tamer, sleeker, also better-smelling hair when you run out of your favorite hair balm or conditioner.

You are applying body lotion to hair have the right to be effective; it might not be an ideal for every hair types.

If you have actually doubts around whether or not hand odor is best for her hair, consult your stylist prior to trying the out.

Body lotion can be supplied in a pinch as with a conditioner come smooth hair and also tame frizz and flyways. The lotion is lightweight and, prefer hair conditioner, human body lotion vs. Hair conditioner is containing ingredients that will add moisture to your hair.

Body odor may additionally be supplied sparingly to carry out fragrance for hair. Apply body lotion to dry hair. Your hair, concentrating ~ above the dry ends or frizzy piece that need the most help.

Body scent on Hair

Have you offered body lotion or hair conditioner? Conditioner have the right to be supplied as a lotion yet lotion doesn’t double as a conditioner.

The human body lotion is functioning well on ours skin yet it is not a an excellent idea to apply on hair. A body lotion has aromatic chemicals and it can cause premature graying that hair.


The body lotion is ineffective because that the hair roots and also in turn, provides them greasy. Human being are having actually less hair volume and also using human body lotion is only going come make points worse.

Body lotion intake on a regular basis also if close to the holy place area can reason hair fall. This is used during makeup and shaving treatments, the is to defend the frontal hair.

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Setting your hair utilizing body lotion can also lead come dandruff. Hair commodities are having the pH because that the scalp and it is generally higher than the one because that skin.