Believe that or not, over there is much more to Pokemon Go than catching Pokemon. And also by capturing a gym or Pokemon, we average taking a Pokemon out of the wild and also keeping that for her team. And also by recording a gym using those captured Pokemon, girlfriend take property of the gym through your designated team. And also while there isn"t any battling in between you and your friends prefer in ahead games, girlfriend can fight people for the property of gyms. We"ve put together some simple information to aid you understand how a gym functions in Pokemon Go, due to the fact that it might prove come be very valuable.

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First, you need to understand that in order to even connect with a gym, you have to be at least a level 5. Therefore if you aren"t however a level 5 and also want come start capturing gyms, keep recording those Pokemon and also work your means up!


There are a few ways come tell the status of a gym. An initial of all, if the gym is gray and also there isn"t a Pokemon spinning around at the peak guarding it, that way the gym hasn"t been recorded yet. It"s not impossible to uncover a gym that hasn"t been captured, sometimes it"s simply luck. So if that isn"t captured, record it immediately.

On the other hand, if the gym is either colored yellow, blue or red, that suggests what team at this time has caught the gym. The Pokemon spinning over the gym space guarding it.

Now if you want to record a gym and also it wasn"t formerly unoccupied, there space a pair things you"ll desire to take keep in mind of prior to deciding to catch a gym. First, click the gym and also it will show you the user guarding the gym and what level their Pokemon is they are using. If that Pokemon"s CP is greater than any of your Pokemon, you can want to avoid trying come fight it.

But what wake up if girlfriend do shot to struggle it and you lose? I will usually only fight slightly greater Pokemon as soon as I"ve obtained a ton that Potions or recreation elixirs, because your Pokemon never ever really dies, you simply need to store up on this potions to save them alive. Therefore fighting is yes, really no harm, no foul.

So exactly how does fighting work? when you agree come fight because that a gym, you"ll desire to strength up your peak three Pokemon, and there"s a reason I speak that. Due to the fact that when you success the gym, you have to pick a Pokemon to guard the gym and also you cannot usage the Pokemon you used to fight. So if you think you have the right to use at the very least two Pokemon to fight the gym Pokemon, save that critical Pokemon you powered up for guarding the gym.

During a fight, you have the right to go with up to six Pokemon to shot to take under the gym"s Pokemon. Yet if you have to go with all six, friend won"t have the ability to use any of those six strongest Pokemon come guard your gym. Instead, you"ll be stuck to weaker Pokemon come guard your gym.

During battle, girlfriend will confront each the the Pokemon guarding the gym. You deserve to tap your display screen like crazy to send the end hits, or when the blue bar in ~ the optimal of your display screen is full, you have the right to hold your finger ~ above the screen and also watch another blue bar to fill up, and that fires a stronger hit. Once you destroy the Pokemon, it will certainly disappear.

Sometimes, if the level the the gym is high, choose the gym by me is set at 12,000 and they have actually it in ~ 10,000 the end of the 12,000, you can have come fight the Pokemon who space guarding the multiple times. If you very own a gym and you want to progressive the level that the gym, you can "battle" your own gym versus your very own Pokemon to raise the level come its max, i beg your pardon is a kind of training her Pokemon. This will make the more daunting for others to take your gym, having to hit the guarding Pokemon an ext than once. If you desire to very own a gym for the objective of training, don"t put your strongest Pokemon as the guard. Put a weaker Pokemon, so your higher-level Pokemon deserve to train and also gain XP and beat it easily.

The much longer you space able to be in regulate of your gym and also have the captured, the an ext Pokecoins you deserve to collect, which can be used to be an important items prefer incense (draws in Pokemon) and lucky egg (raises endure points so girlfriend level faster). You acquire a bonus for every job you have a gym captured. And it"s pretty difficult to hold a gym for an ext than a day, believe it or not.

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If you discover you"re in a team of friends and you"ve just recorded a gym, castle can include their Pokemon come guard it. Ns passed a gym the other day that had 13 Pokemon guarding it. Yeah, an excellent luck capturing that gym. The would median if you desire to record it, you"d need to beat every 13 the those Pokemon, maybe multiple times.