Is engine oil poisonous?

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It’s pretty clear that engine oil is no a good thing todrink because that refreshment. Yet how negative is it? Is engine oil poisonous?

Motor Oil Safety and also Toxicity

Yes, engine oil is poisonous. As a result, the shouldbe stored out of with of children. When an altering the oil, that alsorecommended that you execute not drainpipe your oil right into an empty food or beveragecontainer. Someone may mistake it because that a drink (imagine oil in a coffee cup) andtake a big swig.

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How have the right to I safely adjust my engine oil?

Our favorite automaker, Volkswagen, offers some helpfultips to ensure a for sure oil change on one’s vehicle. These to be specificallywritten through VW models in mind, however we think they should be widely applicableno matter what girlfriend drive.

The safest choice is to have actually the procedure perform by a trained and certified organization center.


Oil readjust precautions encourage by Volkswagen include:

Eye protection should constantly be wornLet the engine cool down totally before beginning, in bespeak to reduce the risk of obtaining scalded by hot engine oilStay as far away as possible when removing the oil drainpipe plug v your fingers. Keep your forearm parallel come the ground to ensure friend don’t finish up with warm oil streaming down your armDrain the oil into a container designed because that this purpose. That should also be large enough to hold at the very least the full amount the oil in her engineNever drainpipe the oil into empty food or beverage containers. Someone might make the failure of drink from castle (again, imagine oil in a coffee cup) and also get poisonedStore engine oil out of the reach of children, as it is poisonous.


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