After dividing a magnet in fifty percent you cannot reconnect the two pieces back together at the initial break point, why?

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While the other answers aren't wrong, I'm pretty sure they room the dorn answer to your question. If i recognize you correctly, friend aren't questioning why any type of old damaged object doesn't fuse back together like they seem to be answering. Rather, you room asking why when a magnet breaks does it regularly have a repulsive pressure to realigning the fractured joint to exactly how it to be before. As opposed come the magnetic attraction hold the fractured joint together. Or choose other broken materials, prefer say a ceramic plate which many magnet break an in similar way too, which allows you to simply just line increase the fractured joints to how they to be initially. Nothing around it fusing the broken atomic bonds back together, simply macroscopically lining up the fracture again.

It has to do with just how a magnet works. Magnetic field lines always kind close loops. They can't begin nor end, you can't have actually a north pole there is no a south. Because that a conventional bar magnet, the magnetic ar lines leave the phibìc pole, loop earlier through the surrounding room to the south pole, and also then travel directly through the magnet to finish the loop. As such. Any broken lining of a magnet will have its own north and also south pole, nevertheless of even if it is it come off the north or south finish of the original.

Suppose we have actually a bar magnet:




And now we fracture it as so:


NNNNSSSSWe now have actually two bar magnets, and also they quiet both have actually two poles. But, the point to note is if friend now try to connect them back together, you space trying come stick a N to a N and also a S come a S. The magnets room going to want to twisted 180 degrees to stick ago together. Gaining the initial pre-fractured alignment ago is walking to it is in pretty hard, you'd need to really force it. Currently on the other-hand, say we separation the original bar magnet favor so:NNNN ~~ SSSSNNNN ~~ SSSSYou'll note as i said prior to this is not valid, such a solitary pole magnet can not exist. Really what wake up is this:NNSS ~~ NNSSNNSS ~~ NNSSWe know have two bar magnets. You'll note that the fracture is also attractive. With best magnets that the right geometry and also a perfect fracture in the best orientation, you could get the broken magnets that want to pole together specifically as before. In actual life, you aren't most likely to get a clean fracture. You'll get some mix the both instances with jagged edges and also such, they'll it is in some smaller sized more complex poles and also fields going on. Even if favor the second case, it's more than likely going to have actually some little repulsive or attractive force pulling it away from lining back up perfectly. As well, unless perfectly balanced it could be pulled right into position where much more poles can line up. Take into consideration the second case, note how the one brand-new N and S poles heat up, however the external N and S, which feel an attractive force, are far away from every other. Due to the fact that the magnet have the right to move in 3D, any kind of slight imbalance or push and also one is going come be pulled to on top of the other magnet into a folded version of the original. Just put, if you break a magnet it's extremely unlikely placing the fracture earlier together perfect is going to be the most stable way for them come magnetically attach.