What the scriptures says aboutWhat Goes roughly Comes Around(From Forerunner Commentary)Ecclesiastes 4:13-16The story flow is interpreted in a choppy manner, however it goes like this: A young man born without wealth, who also spent time in prison, unexpectedly rises come power. Together a young king, the listens well and rules well, but in old age, he becomes proud, losing his throne come a younger man. Through this time, the kingdom was huge and powerful, but Solomon forecasts the the new king's fame will not critical long. He, too, deserve to expect to lose his office, and also the human being who formerly cheered because that him will cease appreciating him.

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Solomon does no dwell on why the initial king ended up being hardened to his counselors' advice. Nevertheless, that closed his ear to your advice, and his dominance ended in some degree of disgrace. Solomon offers the impression that he assumed the original king foolish due to the fact that he lost the support of those who originally assisted him come power and also the country to prosperity.

The in its entirety subjects that these 4 verses space a ethereal warning around pride, and much more obviously, the instability of political power and the fickleness the popularity. He provides the point in the last component of verse 16 the the younger guy who changed the original king will in turn discover background repeating itself, and his career will run lot the very same course as the guy who came before him. That will find that the moment will come as soon as the citizens no much longer accept him either, and he will certainly be eliminated from his leadership position and also replaced through another.

Therefore, one must understand that public life has a significant downside that can render life turbulent. Fame is fleeting, and everybody is expendable. A second, connected lesson mirrors a cause of the instability: the public is fickle. Because of the self-centeredness of person nature, most human being operate towards their leader on the principle that “I think you were an excellent in the past, however what have you done because that me lately?”

One of the items Solomon explains here touches to some degree on the frequent alters of management that ours election mechanism produces. Each administration begins with the citizens confident for the success, but by the time the next election occurs, those really hopes are greatly forgotten. Every election offers the citizenry an chance to express their accusations, creating, in ~ times, far-ranging emotional, social, and economic disturbances in the culture, as world vent your dissatisfaction v the present administration. During the following election, the nation endures the exact same process, however rarely go anything readjust for the much better in its quality of life. Instead, background overwhelmingly mirrors that problem of quality of life, i m sorry involve principles to a far-ranging degree, thrive worse. The public conveniently forgets the previous poll changed little or nothing.

Solomon might have had actually Joseph, son of Jacob, and also his experiences in Egypt in mind as his illustration. One can draw parallels from aspects of Joseph's life in Egypt, during which he spent time in prison (Genesis 41). In ~ Pharaoh's command, he to be released native prison and also placed in authority end the entire nation (Genesis 41:37-46). The received good acclaim due to the fact that of his leadership during the daunting circumstances that the famine. However, the final note that his story is what Solomon writes, “Yet those who come afterward will certainly not rejoice in him.” Moses states in Exodus 1:8, “Now there developed a brand-new king over Egypt, that did not recognize Joseph.” We understand this impacted the plight that the Israelites, or God would certainly not have acknowledged it.

John W. RitenbaughEcclesiastes and also Christian life (Part Five): Comparisons
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Ecclesiastes 7:21-22Solomon deals with what can be a lingering impact of the paradoxical trial found in city 15. While the individual endures what transpires, it attractive the fist of others, usually close friends and also family members—and they talk. This kind of talk has actually a tendency to intensify the trial's discomfort.

The talking might be better called “gossip,” however that is no an absolute since it might be sincere, well-intentioned conversation. Even if that is sincere, well-intended, and in no way malicious, the one suffering the paradox might take it very hard, making overcoming an ext difficult.

Human nature is at risk to take advantage of another's hard times, pointing out and also passing top top what it thinks room his or her mistakes or outright character weaknesses. Yet for that other person, the is choose taking a punch to the gut. Every one of us will be on the receiving finish of gossip, maybe even frequently.

Why is the so challenging to transaction with? It loss our pride, ours opinion that ourselves. The ideal defense versus it is a clear conscience, that is, to be innocent of what the gossiper supposes of us and also to be continuous in goodness, a fruit the God's Spirit. Together a person can patiently weather the passing of the gossipy storm clouds.

Though He was perfectly innocent, Jesus had actually to endure the taunts the others. Need to we intend to escape the same? Thus, city 22 adheres to with the reminder the we space in all likelihood guilty the practicing the same versus others. What goes around comes around. What one sows, one also reaps (Galatians 6:7). That is a character weakness to provide in come the ache feelings, forgetting that none of us is infallible, and also we can have given cause for the grief now coming ago on us.

Can we remember the time we shed our tempers and called somebody a “stupid idiot”? deserve to we remember once we cut somebody turn off on the highway and given rather grief? How countless times have we forgotten, been late, or to be outright careless in our self-centeredness? due to the fact that we have not to be absolutely pure in personality ourselves, us cannot case the high ground over others, preserving we do not deserve the gossip.

God's counsel v Solomon is that it is ideal just to take our licks, repent, and also do better in the future without feeling we deserve to complain.

John W. RitenbaughEcclesiastes and Christian life (Part Thirteen): Confessions
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Jeremiah 37:4-5Jerusalem enjoys a quick respite from siege while the Babylonians interact an Egyptian army hired by Judah. Jeremiah may have actually sought to usage this chance to escape, because that verse 12 tells us that he "went the end of Jerusalem to enter the soil of Benjamin to insurance claim his building there among the people." He can hide in anonymity amongst the basic populace.

God, however, plot to keep him in Jerusalem, the facility of the action. The authorities arrest him together he leaves the city, accusing that of "defecting come the Chaldeans" (verse 13). Due to the fact that the Babylonians have currently left the area, the accusation that defection is clearly a ruse, one excuse to imprison him (verse 15). ~ "many days" in a dungeon (verse 16), Zedekiah, solicitous the one empowered to tell the future, assignment him transferred to the "court the the prison" (verse 21)—a real upgrade.

Charles WhitakerServant of God, act One: walk Around, coming Around
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Jeremiah 39:17-18God recognizes that Ebed-Melech is no superman, however like everyone, is fearful in the face of mortality. The overcomes his fear, subordinating it come his conviction the Jeremiah is God"s spokesman. The is his trust in God that empowers that to display mercy by speaking up for—and climate by exhilaration on instead of of—Jeremiah.

God, that "shows no partiality" (Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11), answers in kind, characteristically providing mercy come the merciful, more specifically in this instance, granting mercy to him that "receives a prophet in the name of a prophet." Christ renders it plain that God is resolute in His promise the reciprocity (Matthew 10:41-42).

Using a different image, Solomon states the same: "Cast your bread upon the waters, because that you will uncover it after countless days" (Ecclesiastes 11:1).

God is adamant: What goes around, comes around.

Charles WhitakerServant the God, plot One: walk Around, comes Around
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Matthew 7:1-5God will frequently see to it that we room treated the same method we treat others.

Jacob was a talented young guy with good ability, but he had actually a major fault: together a young man, he would certainly lie, connive, and scheme to acquire his very own way, without a believed for other people"s feelings. He deceived his father Isaac into blessing him, rather of his brothers Esau, through the birthright, an incident that break-up the family and caused lot suffering and ill will, as Genesis 27 records.

God, of course, completely intended Jacob to have the birthright and also could have operated it the end in a way in i m sorry nobody got hurt. Yet this was not the very first time the Jacob had actually used shrewdness to acquire his own way. Earlier, once Esau was around to collapse from lack of nourishment, Jacob provided Esau bread, a stew the lentils, and a drink in exchange for his birthright. Jacob had actually a an enig sin and needed come be teach a lesson. He might not look in ~ himself and see that he had actually this sin. He probably looked at himself as countless today in company look at themselves; he most likely thought he to be being clever and also wise.

During the next few years, Jacob reaped what he had actually sowed. His employer and future father-in-law, Laban, tricked him out of his wages and also the mam for whom he had actually labored 7 years. In addition, towards the finish of his life, Jacob was likewise deceived through the usage of a dead goat, just as he had deceived his dad Isaac. Jacob"s young dipped Joseph"s cloak of countless colors in the blood the a goat to convince their father that his favourite son, who they had actually sold, to be dead. Jacob spent plenty of years in grief, deceived as he had deceived others.

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