magnesium, strontium and also barium are a few of the elements that have actually the exact same properties as calcium. aspects discovered in team 2 of the periodic table have equivalent properties to it.

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What are three aspects that have similar properties to calcium?

These chemical elements are jointly dubbed as the Alkaline Planet Metals. Beryllium, Calcium and also Magnesium are 3 of the 6 aspects that autumn into this category. The external digital framework of all these aspects is equivalent due to which they all have similarity in their chemical and also physical properties.

Which aspect is most comparable in behavior to calcium?


Term Mendellev organized the chemical facets based on their ____Definition Properties
Term When a carbon atom is in its ground state, how many kind of electrons does it have actually in its outerthe majority of shell?Definition 4
Term Which facet is a lot of equivalent in actions to calcium?Definition Magnesium

What 2 facets have similar properties?

Two various aspects have comparable chemical properties when they have the same variety of valence electrons in their outerthe majority of energy level. Elements in the exact same column of the Periodic Table have actually comparable chemical properties. So what does that mean around their valence electrons?

Which facet is closest to oxygen?

Explanation: Oxygen is in team 16/VIA, which is referred to as the chalcogens, and also members of the very same team have actually comparable properties. Sulfur and also selenium are the next 2 aspects in the group, and also they react with hydrogen gas (H2) in a manner equivalent to oxygen.

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What element is unreactive?

Many Group 8 or 18 elements that show up in the last column of the periodic table (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Radon) are classified as inert (or unreactive). These elements are stable in their naturally developing create (gaseous form) and they are dubbed inert gases.

Which element is the many unreactive?

Noble gases are the least reactive of all aspects. That’s bereason they have eight valence electrons, which fill their external energy level. This is the a lot of secure setup of electrons, so noble gases hardly ever react with other elements and also form compounds.

What is the most unreactive metal?

Very unreenergetic steels, such as gold and also platinum, are found in the Earth’s crust as pure steels. These are called aboriginal steels.

Is Silver an unreactive metal?

Gold, silver, copper… are all incredibly excellent examples of unreactive steels because they shiny. Since they’re not reactive; we have the right to assume that they don’t react to oxygen in the air. Nonethemuch less, the surface continues to be pure/non-corroded.

How will certainly you display that silver is less reenergetic than copper?

Take copper sulphate solution in a test tube and location a silver few granule in it. After some time you observe that tbelow is no adjust in the test tube, i.e., blue colour of copper sulphate does not fade amethod. This reflects silver is much less reactive than copper.

Why is silver not reactive?

silver(e.g) is an excellent conductor of electricity because of its sea of delocalised electrons in between the layers of steel ions. However before it is not highly reenergetic because you would need many energy to break the metallic bonds within each of those layers.

Is Iron much less reactive than zinc?

Zinc reacts as a moderate rate. Iron reacts incredibly gradually, yet at a moderate rate if the acid is warmed. Copper and also gold will certainly not react at all. A steel will certainly only react with dilute acids if it is over hydrogen in the retask series.

Why zinc is even more reenergetic than copper?

Answer: We uncover, Zinc is inserted higher than Copper in the Electro-chemical Series, considering that Zinc is more reenergetic than Copper. Now, the reason is that Zinc loses its valence electrons more conveniently than Copper to take component in a reactivity.

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Why is zinc not reactive?

Zinc is not think about as a shift steel because its compounds or ions (Zn2+) contain a full filled d-orbital or sub shell and are unstable.

Is zinc even more reactive than steel?

Galvanising is an approach of rust prevention. The iron or steel object is coated in a thin layer of zinc. This stops oxygen and also water getting to the steel underneath – but the zinc additionally acts as a sacrificial steel . Zinc is even more reenergetic than iron, so it oxidises in choice to the iron object.

How carry out we know that zinc is more reenergetic than copper?

If you look at the electron configureation of zinc, it is 3d104s2 so it has actually two valance electrons that it readily offers up in order to create aqueous Zn2+ ions. So that renders zinc primarily even more reenergetic than copper, and also in relation to hydrogen. So zinc is able to disarea hydrogen from HCl, however copper is not.

Why is copper not exceptionally reactive?

If we look at this activity series, copper does indeed react, yet it’s not too great at it. You deserve to see that the aspects at the bottom are many suitable as wire and also that’s not a coincidence! These aspects perform not oxidize (donate electrons) conveniently which explains why they are less reenergetic.

Is Zinc very reactive?

Zinc reacts easily through acids, alkalis and various other non-steels. No compounds of zinc in oxidation states other than +1 or +2 are well-known.

Is zinc more reactive than HCL?

Since, zinc is even more reactive than hydrogen it disareas hydrogen in dilute hydrochloric acid and also copper is less reenergetic than hydrogen and thus cannot displace hydrogen in dilute hydrochloric acid.

Why deserve to Zinc relocation dil HCl?

Answer. Answer: Zinc disarea hydrogen from dilute hydrochloric acid bereason zinc is even more reactive than hydrogen and also the reaction takes place by replacing a low reenergetic aspect by a high reenergetic element.

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Why does Zinc react via HCl however not copper?

Zinc lies above hydrogen whereas copper lies listed below hydrogen in the electrochemical series. Hence, zinc is more reactive than H+ whereas copper is less reenergetic. Zinc libeprices hydrogen gas as soon as reacted with dilute hydrochloric acid, whereas copper does not.