What walk WYM mean? find out how and also when to use the internet slang word “WYM” through ESL infographic and also interesting texting conversations in English.

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What does WYM Mean?

WYM means “What you mean?”

“What friend mean” is regularly used in messages in between friends and also on social media platforms. The message abbreviation broadens to, “What friend mean?”

Although “What perform you mean?” is grammar correct, internet users frequently shorten expressions and also drop details parts of speech together if they to be speaking. Aboriginal speakers the English will often ask, “Watchu mean?” as a method of asking for clarify on something. Some will add in the “D” to make the correct variation of “WDYM?”

This expression can be used by anyone and usually comes about when one party doesn’t know the other.

Conversation Examples

First example

Texter 1: My life is over!Texter 2: Really? WYM?

In this instance, the meaning is close come “Tell me more.”

Second example

Texter 1: So I’m going to need to acquire that thing from girlfriend later. When are girlfriend free?Texter 2: I don’t know WYM. What thing?

Here, “WYM” is no in a inquiry form, however it has actually the very same meaning. Texter 2 doesn’t recognize what texter 1 is talking about.

Third example

Social media post: People store saying they don’t gain my favourite TV show but they never shot to watch it. #WYM

This instance shows the web slang ax being used as a hashtag. Civilization can find for it and also find comparable posts whereby users are wondering why human being don’t recognize something or space looking for more information.

Other Meanings

What you MeanWas You and also MeWatch her MouthWould girlfriend Mind?Waymar Resources, Ltd.Wake your MindWebsite because that Young Marines

WYM definition Infographic


Other means to speak WYM

“What girlfriend Mean” Synonyms List

What do you mean?What does the mean?What space you saying?What does that mean?What it means?What that means?What execute you intend?

“What girlfriend mean” Synonyms through Examples

What execute you mean?

What execute you mean, I’ve got enough money? I’m as damaged as girlfriend are.

What does the mean?

What does that mean? I would certainly emphasise 3 criteria.

What are you saying?

What room you saying? Be cautious Whinny does no supplant you!

What does that mean?

What does that mean if you have been there for two decades and feeling you room thrown on the scrapheap?

What it means

If you don’t know what it means, look at it increase in the dictionary.

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What that means

I explain what that means in the last paragraph of this section.

What carry out you intend?