Hey all,I"m a beginner in spanish and I"m really type of confused by the tu and also Usted point. Are these words you usage in sentences and such? I"d be really grateful if someone might help me clear my head about it. Thank you.

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HOLA! indicates "you" informally and usted indicates "you" formally

tú and also usted are second perchild pronoun which interpret to "you"as a second perkid pronoun. (note: yo (meaning "I") and nosotros (interpretation "we" are first perkid. él/ella (interpretation "he/she") and ellos/ellas (meaning "they") are third perchild.)

means "you" informally

tú is informal singular (vosotros would certainly be "you" plural ). is offered to talk to your household , your friends (or those roughly your age- also if you do not understand them), and also those who are younger than you if they are not of a "higher rank". When you initially accomplish someone, you may usage usted; yet, over time, as you develop a friendship you might switch to use tú. When in doubt on which form of "you" to use, it is suggested that usted is supplied (see below).

usted implies "you" formally

usted is formal singular. ustedes is formal plural. usted is used to be polite and present respect. It is used to converse via your employer, boss, a expert (your attorney, your physician, your teacher), those who are older than you (more than around 10 years older- unmuch less they are family members or friends ), your major, the priest or minister, to use in prayer to your God, to soptimal to the elderly and as soon as making a presentation or speaking to an audience or crowd or assembly (for example: a verbal class presentation or the president addressing the congress or a news reporter presenting the news).

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Tu means You --- Usted is likewise You yet in an honorific way

Usted is supplied to address older people, or your boss, or someone we do not know well that demands to be treated via more respect.

Tu is provided to deal with civilization that are more familiar. Our friends and also basically civilization about our own age.

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Just think as soon as you feel compelcaused addressing someone as Sir (Señor), well that will likewise be the moment to use Usted.

¿Tiene usted la hora? --- Do you have actually the time? (asking a stranger)

¿Tu quieres jugar a los escondites? --- Do you desire to play hide and also seek? (asking someone our own age)