Hello.I"d favor to understand when we can use two times more and twice together much. Additionally the complying with information"s yes, really confusing me:Twice as lot = 2 X the base. Two times more = 2 X the basic + the base. If the factory produced 1000 widgets, twice as lot would it is in 2000 widgets; two times more would it is in 3000 widgets.I hope an extremely much for your help. Thanks in advance!

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I"ve never heard of such a fine difference being made between those expressions. I would have actually said they to be the same.Note: double = 2 times
as much as = the same amount an ext = additionalThe "widget" sentence pretty much describes how they room using the terms. According to the an interpretation given there,If I have actually one cup that sugar, and also you have as much as i do, climate you have two cups of sugar.If you have two pints the beer, and also I have as much as girlfriend do, then ns have 4 pints the beer.Are you clear on that so far?___________Now they"re saying the "two time more" is basically "three times as much" because it"s the original amount PLUS twice as much. So, by that logic,If I have one cup of sugar, and you have an ext than ns do, then you have three cup of sugar.(That is, you have actually as lot as ns (one cup) and also two times that amount (two cups) in addition.)If you have actually two pints that beer, and I have actually an ext than you do, then I have six pints that beer.(I have actually the same amount (two), and I have two times that amount (four) in additiion.)How did that go? walk you recognize that?_____________________X X X two times as much > XX XX XXX X X 3 times as lot > XXX XXX XXXX X X two times more > X X X XX XX XXX X X three times more > X X X XXX XXX XXX(You have the right to substitute "twice" because that "two times" in the expressions above.)CJ

Hi,It does seem complex once you read it, but as you become familiar v the formula,it gets easier. Ns think the formula you noted is reasonably understandable.Regards

Thank you an extremely much, yet it still seems incomprehensible come me. So, if i say ns ate 7 times much more apples than her (she ate 2 apples) way I ate 16 apples
? I ate seven times as much apples than her (she ate 2 apples) way I ate 14 apples?Is mine guess right?

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spinymanIs my guess right?Yes. According to the sample you were given, this is basically correct. The only difficulty is that all the examples with much are through uncountable nouns, and you have used a countable noun, apple, therefore you have actually to change much come many. And also you need to be an ext careful with several of the tiny words: much more than
/ as numerous as / as much as.I ate 7 times together many to apologize as she did.CJ