When human being talk around tree care, they have the right to use different words come talk around the same thing. You might hear “trim,” “prune,” or “cut,” just as you might hear “limb” or “branch.” at Texas Tree Surgeons, we are often asked the difference in between a branch and also a limb, or between tree pruning and also tree cutting. Unfortunately, there is no market standard definition for many typical terms, and also that can reason confusion.

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If you visit our facebook page, girlfriend may notice that we room categorized as a “tree cutting” business. In other places, we might be provided as “landscaping services.” Unfortunately, since there is no universal conventional term because that what we do, we have to discover the ideal fit under the circumstances. In ~ Texas Tree Surgeons, we usage the hatchet “tree trimming” to describe the work we do.


Proper tree trimming have to remove any type of dead or damaged branches, progressive the canopy and thin the crown, to permit light and air to pass openly through the tree.

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Trees space living organisms, and every reduced that’s made on a tree has long-term effects. Additionally, every tree is unique and has various needs dictated by its environment and history. A hefty trim may have no adverse effects on a large, healthy tree, but a tree that is under pre-existing anxiety or has a potential because that health worries might be irreparably damaged by removed too much canopy. Furthermore, safety and also stability problems may limit the lot and form of trimming that can be performed. The is essential when trimming tree to take all of these components into account, as well as to be mindful of the weather and also seasons. Improperly trimming a tree in ~ the wrong kind of year can lead to severe decline and death. 

While there room no universal standards for tree trimming, there are two to adjust of guidelines because that the tree service industry that we at Texas Tree operated doctor follow. The an initial is native the International society of Arboriculture, or ISA. The ISA is the premier global credentialing and membership company for the tree treatment industry. In enhancement to creating the Certified Arborist and also Board Certified master Arborist credentials, the ISA gives a riches of sources for tree owners. The ISA guide to tree trimming (they usage the ax “pruning”) covers the basics of exactly how to properly keep mature trees. In enhancement to the ISA, the Tree treatment Industry association (TCIA) monitor tree company providers in the unified States. In teamwork with the American nationwide Safety institute (ANSI), the TCIA has actually developed considerable guidelines because that tree care and also management. This guidelines administer the basis for all of our occupational proposals and trimming. Adherence to these guidelines is the best method to treatment for trees of every kinds, and all our certified arborists are equipped to evaluate individual trees and also determine the best — and healthiest — way to treatment for them. 

Trimming visible development is only part of tree care. Without a ideal understanding of those happening below the ground and underneath the bark, a beautiful trim is of little use. Certified Arborists are trained come spot the indicators of eco-friendly stressors, diseases, and insects. Bad drainage and also soil condition, competition v turf grass, and also proximity come structures have the right to all affect a tree’s growth. Past just trimming a tree, certified arborists space able to evaluate the tree holistically in order to administer the ideal care possible. 

Whether It’s “Tree Trimming” or “Tree Cutting,” Cheaper Isn’t constantly Better

Most neighborhoods, specifically after storms, will check out tree trimmers walking door-to-door soliciting work. If it might seem easier, and also is regularly cheaper, to hire these crews because that tree work, that is vital to take into consideration the permanent costs and complications. Tree trimmers with just a tiny crew and one truck may have lower overhead, yet they may likewise have inadequate insurance to cover any incidents. Furthermore, this crews might not have the maintain or endure to effectively trim trees. We have seen numerous large trees “lion-tailed,” or even “topped,” v all the canopy removed! when the trees might recover, they space forever changed. Professional arborists understand the proper method to trim and also thin trees because that light, without leaving stubbed limbs and also unstable trunks. 

Many world are surprised the a proper and also healthy tree trim often gets rid of less than they expect. According to developed guidelines, it is finest to remove no an ext than 25% the the visible canopy. A constant trim might only eliminate as small as 15%, removed mostly interior growth. In addition to being more precise, appropriate trims might take longer or be an ext labor-intensive, bookkeeping for cost differences. Some companies use terms choose “Level 1” or “Level 2” trim; these terms space not universal. If friend don’t know what miscellaneous means, ask! at Texas Tree Surgeons, we are always happy to explain the details of ours work, and your arborist is constantly available, before, during, and after the project is done. 


“Topping” a tree, or removing all visible canopy, does serious injury to the natural development of the tree and also can cause long-lasting damage.

Ultimately, what is essential is the tree care itself, not what that is called. To offer your tree the best chance to grow and also thrive, look for tree trimming service providers that employ certified arborists. If you have any type of doubts, asking for their certification number, or look because that the arborist’s name on the ISA website. A properly-trained arborist need to never recommend topping or lion-tailing, and should take suitable precautions throughout oak it must be season (February-July). Never ever be afraid to get a second opinion. Give us a speak to anytime, and also we room happy to have actually a certified arborist come out and discuss what work demands to be done and administer a free quote!

At Texas Tree Surgeons, we love trees and also we love ours customers, and we believe that educating our ar lays the best structure for caring because that our urban forest. If friend have any tree inquiries don’t hesitate to obtain in touch!