We (in the office) were mentioning the an interpretation of the hand-operated gesture known as “the shocker,” specifically as presented by young ladies to other young women. Although quite crude, nobody of us discover it come be particularly “shocking ”(it"s hard to it is in shocked once you thrived up in the "60s or "70s). Please sophisticated for us Boomers and Kennedy-era kids--what provides with the hand thing?

(Hey--it"s a sluggish day, friend know?)


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P.S. - just how come the networks will show it top top TV if they won"t show “the bird”? one of my colleagues stated “the shocker ”was displayed repeatedly throughout Olympic coverage.

picture credit: "American Hand Gestures": through A.C. Kemp, All legal rights reserved

Dear Carol,

Yes, this is absolutely a strange trend in gestures. While flipping the bird, additionally known as giving someone the finger, is among the most popular and longstanding signals, there have been others that have gained a tremendous amount of usage over the past couple of decades. All of these different in a method from the shocker.

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Of course, in the 70s, the tranquility sign was probably the second most popular gesture, yet that was also a signal that friendship and love. Flipping the bird, together I"m certain you know, means “fuck you” (I dislike you).

In the 80s, the American authorize Language gesture for “I love you” became really popular, perhaps since of the 1986 movie kids of a Lesser God, which called the story the a an overwhelming romance in between a hearing male (William Hurt) and a deaf woman (Marlee Matlin).

A very comparable sign often seen at difficult rock concert is the goat, or devil’s horns (shown below from both the front and back). The difference between this sign and “I love you” is the for the goat, the ignorance comes in and also covers the two center fingers. Because that many, this is the symbol of Satan.

Ironically, the is additionally the hook"em horns sign offered to show support for the college of Texas Longhorns soccer team, bring about some confusion as soon as it is do by Texans such as devout Christian president Bush.

But if these indications create solid and easy-to-understand messages, such together “I love you,” “I hate you,” “I love Satan” and also “I love the Texas Longhorns,” the shocker is no so clear cut. The gesture is intended to represent a sex-related act in i m sorry a woman is manually stimulated. The index and also middle finger are placed into the vagina and the pinky finger is put into the anus because that a “shock.” There are dozens of slang paragraph to explain this act, the most common being “two in the pink, one in the stink.”

As friend noted, this sign has become really popular through teens and college students. And also I think the name states it all. It can obviously be supplied with the intentionally of shocking or offending those who recognize what it means. Yet of course, it"s even much more fun act it for those who execute not understand what that means, favor parents, teachers and network executives. The entertainent worth of do an venomous gesture in front of clueless adults cannot it is in underestimated.

I didn’t notification it in the crowds in ~ the Olympics, but it appears a most likely candidate in ~ snowboarding events. My guess is that if it has appeared on the air, favor some venomous words the make that onto the radio, that is shown due to the fact that the strength at NBC just don"t understand what that represents. Or possibly they do and just assume that none that their much more easily offended viewers know what that is.