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Deca- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “ten.” the is used periodically in technical and also scientific terms.

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Deca- comes from Greek déka, an interpretation “ten.” A related Latin-origin type is deci-, native Latin decimus, “tenth.” want to find out more? examine out our Words That use entry for deci-.

Despite the similarity between the 2 forms, it’s important not to confuse deca-, definition “ten,” through deci-, which way “tenth.” A decagram is ten grams (10 g), but a decigram is one-tenth of a gram (0.1 g).

What space variants that deca-?

When linked with words or word aspects that begin with a vowel, deca- becomes dec-, as in decathlon. A connected prefix is deka-, i beg your pardon is booked for the specify name of metric units.

Want to know more? check out our Words that Use write-ups for dec- and also deka-.

Examples of deca-

An example of a ax that features deca- is decagon, “a polygon having actually ten angles and also ten sides.” Decagon comes from Medieval Latin decagōnum, which functions the indistinguishable of the kind deca-.

We recognize deca- means “ten,” while the -gon section of the word, from Greek gōnía, method “angled, angular.” Decagon literally translates to “ten angles.”

What space some words that use the combining form deca-?

What space some other creates that deca- may be typically confused with?

Not every native that starts with the letters deca-, such as decadence or decapitate, is necessarily making use of the combining type deca- to represent “ten.” find out why decadence is related to “decay” at our entry for the word.

Break that down!

The combining form -pod means “(one having a type of) foot.” with this in mind, why space crustaceans such together crabs, lobsters, and also crayfish known as decapods?

How to use deca- in a sentence

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British bsci-ch.org definitions for deca-


deka-, before a vowel dec- or dek-

denoting ten: decagon . In conjunction with clinical units the prize da is used

Word beginning for deca-

from Greek deka

Medical meanings for deca-


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Scientific meanings for deca-

A prefix that method “ten,” as in decahedron, a polygon having actually ten faces.


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