What go Macie mean?


as a name for girls has actually its root in Old French, and also the meaning of the surname Macie is "weapon". Macie is an alternative spelling of Macy (Old French).STARTS/ENDS through Ma-, -ie


RELATIONS VIA MACY Macee, Macey▼, Maci, Maicey, Maicy

CREATIVE FORMS(female) Maise, .. (male) Mami, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSMacie Lorena (M.L.), ..

How famous is Macie?

Macie is a rather prominent first name for females (#2507 the end of 4276, top 59%) and also an even more prominent last surname for all world (#49869 out of 150436, top 33%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Macie got to its apex rank of #356 in the U.S. In 2011, and is in ~ #550 currently. (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018)



Which variation is better?

Popular related develops of Macie (#550 VIA recent LIST) space Macee, Macey (#1341), Maci (#352) and also Macy (#564). Usage of these relationships of Macie got to its optimal 7 years ago (USAGE that 0.23%) and is somewhat much less today (USAGE 0.13%, ▼45%), with the kind Macey ending up being less stylish.

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Similar Names

Macie is pronounced likewise to Maisa, Maisee, Maisey, Maisie▲, Maisy, Maizie, Maysa, Mazey, Mazie▼ and also Missie. Other said similar-sounding names room Cacie, Calie, Casie▼, Catie, Dacie, Darcie▼, Docie, Fancie, Gracie, Halie▼, Jacie▼, Jamie▼, Janie▼, Kacie▼, Kadie, Kalie▼, Karie▼, Kaycie, Lacie▼, Maddie▲, Maeve▲, Maggie▼, Maia▲, Maidie, Mair, Maire, Maji, Malkie, Malvie, Mame▼, Mamie▼, Mandie, Marci▼, Marcie▼, Marcile, Marcine, Mare, Maree, Maria▼, Marice, Marie▼, Marike, Marine, Maris, Marise, Markie, Marlie, Martie, Maure, Mauve, Mavis, Maxi, Maxie▼, Maxine▼, Mayde, Maye▼, Mayme▼, Maymie, Mazine, Medie, Mickie, Nancie, Tacie, Talie and also Yancie. These names have tendency to it is in less commonly used than Macie.