I"m just curious. How can I usage this " pins and needles " idiom naturally in day-to-day life ?


"Ouooch ns had pins and needles right currently ! "


"Ouooch i have pins and also needles right now ! "


"Ouooch i got pins and also needles right currently ! "

which one ?

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A usual expression is "sitting top top pins and also needles" which way highly agitated while wait for something come happen. The expected occasion can it is in either an excellent or bad.


A secondary use refers to uncomfortable tingling (often in your legs) after ~ a long period of immobility.

Here"s a method to usage it:"Flying economy class from London to Hong Kong, I acquired pins and needles in my legs once I acquired up. They obtained so bad I had actually to it is in taken off on a stretcher!"


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