had in Eastons: No had in Hitchcocks: No had in Naves: No contained in Smiths: No had in Websters: Yes included in Strongs: Yes consisted of in Thayers: Yes contained in BDB: Yes

TAR"RY, verb intransitive


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come stay; to abide; to continue; to lodge.

Tarry all night and also wash her feet. Genesis 19:2.

2. To remain behind. Exodus 12:39.

3. To remain in expectation; come wait.

Tarry ye below for us, till we come again to you. Exodus 24:14.

4. to delay; to put off walk or coming; come defer.

Come under to me, tarry not. Genesis 45:9.

5. come remain; come stay.

He that telleth lies, shall no tarry in my sight. Psalms 101:7.

TAR"RY, verb transitive to wait for.

I can not tarry dinner.

T"ARRY, adjective consists of tar, or prefer tar.

Webster's 1828 Dictionary

TAR"RYING, participle existing tense Staying; delaying.

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TAR"RYING, noun Delay. Psalms 40:17.


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included in Eastons: No consisted of in Hitchcocks: No had in Naves: No had in Smiths: No consisted of in Websters: Yes contained in Strongs: Yes included in Thayers: Yes contained in BDB: Yes

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