Do you understand what does SI mean? Now understand the meaning of SI offered in internet slang. We have over 10000 abbreviation used over the web in facebook, whatsapp chatting and in sms texting.

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Meaning that SI ?

Meaning that SI is stop It, Stupid Idiot, merely Irresistible, silly I.

SI Definition

The defintion the SI is prevent It, Stupid Idiot, just Irresistible, stunner I. .

What walk SI mean?

SI method Stop It, Stupid Idiot, simply Irresistible, stunner I.

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Comments having actually SI

Dude!!!! SI! This is THE COOLEST thing EVER! Thanks, Mr. Brooks and B-More!!! … Dr. Traffic: Tailgating is risky, aggressive driving. So, SI. I desire a movie whereby a person kills the groundhog, trapping the people in an ice cream age and also a time cop goes ago in time to try and SI The hardest thing around exercise is to begin doing it. When you are doing practice regularly, the hardest thing is to SI. -Erin Gray Klare: Hey, SI. We"re on cousin"s setting now.Elijah: I"m on cousin"s mode, Klare.


That destructive feeling that you"re gift replaced, and there is nothing you can do come SI. To the human being who vote for ted cruz: SI i love when world laugh and they shot to SI yet they can"t too ~ god the is such a beautiful thing now everyone"s speak Trump is doomed. Just SI, for Christ"s sake. Have actually you all not learned the you have no idea about anything? SI. Everyone is fallout’s apart end 1 state. The Prophet Cruz traction one off. Ok. We might lose this one. Us CONTINUE. It"s close. Iowa contents FB & Twitter name calling results - "Stupid" adhered to by "idiot" v "SI" a solid 3rd. And also I"m undecided. Blink. Over there was lot than unlucky as soon as you have actually a SI site engineer Watched mine brother"s snap story from last night and also heard Camille"s voice in the background: "I great SI Carly to be here." Aw "Boys" saying women should coverup once breastfeeding,Tsek then all women have to cover up and also you need to never ever before see , ever! SI!
daveexplosm It"s because you"re a SI ass-turd recorded Jess trying come break open my safe. He"s happy he ran out the basement door or he"d be getting that for sure upside his head. SI
WingsScotland Like as soon as Terry Kelly referred to as a dude a SI top top Facebook and also backed it increase "It is a fact due to the fact that I believe it." SI similar to YOUR ceo OBAMA !!! … SI! it is in seduced by the romantic and also sensual fragrance of few of our favourite oil – castle will... I"ll never ever get tired of watching this two. SI #Liason #GH #MillerHerbst … SI! #LFC Robert Palmer - SI - HD3D Sound via
YouTube Wayne Rooney; the is sensational. SI. Edge Paul hasn"t looked this good since the "SI" music video clip he did in the eighties. #GOPDebate #RobertPalmer #RandPaul guys are choose roses. You need to watch the end for the pricks ~ Jill Shalvis, SI ~ GoodMorning ns would quite watch the SI back-up singers debate foreign policy. That kind of love is mythical...she"s anything yet typical..SI - Robert Palmer Come in and warm up v our new hot drinks! SI
LipsyLondon don"t be SI understand what u expected Jen! xxx I"m so SI laugh at whatever Hey i visited monarchs today. Ns just embraced my market from monarchs today. I"m walking to kings not today yet in September SI can"t go currently I am watching the boys" performances from concerts and oh my god.. They"re for this reason funny and also SI love them so much. This days it"s oil every day every day. A year back it to be Euro. Give it a bit. Oil will be forgotten soon and euro will be back. SI recognize

What does SI was standing for?

Terms relating come SI

DORK - Silly, socially inept human FAFWOA - because that A girlfriend Without access (when around to ask a stunner question) LOLCAT - Catpicturewith silly inscription ASD - another Silly Disorder ASD - A silly Dementor KISS - keep It basic Silly P.S. - short article Silly PS - short article Silly SF. - silly Female SF - silly Female SI - Silly ns SNUH - silly Newsgroup Utter Hysteria

SPOC - Silly piece Of Cheese SSIU - basic Silly internet User SSQ - stunner Saturday concern SWAG - stunner Wild-Ass guess LMMFAOS - laughing my mom f**king a** turn off silly off One"s nut - Follish, stunner in an attack manner