"His out-of-nowhere power this year would certainly not surrprise those who have known him....That"s because shooting the moon has long to be Edwards" the strongest game.""The element mopper-upper for the White home is without a doubt, Ari Fleischer, who should constantly translate specifically what Dubya said...However he recently "attempted come shoot the moon" himself and also leaned a bit too far into the White home mop-up jar. That pulled out the perennial whipping boy, invoice Clinton, together the human who brought about all the Mid eastern problems.""The shoot-the-moon strategy worked: Kerry winner Iowa and went on to take new Hampshire and also 10 other states through Feb. 10."

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Dale, This is an extremely interesting. SHOOT THE MOON is an idiom which has two completely different meanings. The older an interpretation (1823) is a synonym for ‘bolt the moon’ ‘a moonlight flit or flitting’ (early 19th century and much more commonly heard today than ‘shoot the moon’) and also ‘shove the moon’ (late 18th century and obsolete) and way to eliminate one’s household goods through night (i.e. By the irradiate of the moon) to prevent paying the rental or to avoid one’s creditors. Return this british slang expression usually means a stealthy leave from one’s lodgings because that nonpayment of the rent, it may also imply a furtive departure for some various other clandestine reason and, in fact, in this sense is most often used to median to sneak, abscond, take trip without meeting one’s responsibilities.The second definition of SHOOT THE MOON or sometimes SHOOT for THE MOON is to walk for whatever or nothing, to go whole hog, come pull out the stops, to walk for broke, to do an all-out effort, to do a last no-hold-barred attempt. This an ext commonly used kind of the expression (at the very least in the U.S.) suggests that one is acquisition a great risk and also suggests, hyperbolically, the he/she has around as much chance that success together he/she walk of hitting the moon through a arrowhead or rifle cartridge – collection one’s sights high and trying because that something that one desires badly, however for i beg your pardon realistically the probability the success is no good. The term SHOOT THE MOON is likewise used in the card video game ‘hearts.’ understanding is a point-based game and also most of the moment the score is to gain the least number of hearts possible. But if one chooses to threat ‘shooting the moon’ and wins all the hearts and the queen of spades in the course of play, the player may provide a crushing punch to your opponents. However, if the player fails, he/she puts themselves in an nearly irrecoverable position. Therefore this card game strategy follows directly from the above 2nd meaning.As much as your quotes go the Kerry statement makes perfect sense because Kerry was thought about dead meat in Iowa earlier in January prior to the primaries and also went in, pulled out the stops, spent a most time and money their and the risk paid off. In the Ari Fleischer declare the use of ‘Shoot the moon himself’ is a little less clear to me and nearly doesn’t seem prefer it fits. However I expect the writer is implying the Dubya commonly dispatches the tasks of an individual attacks in a totality hog method himself. I don’t fairly see this although probably the huge picture the throwing every little thing into going after Saddam instead of Osama in his “war ~ above terror” and also even the “mission-accomplished” statement fiasco can be thought about a kind of ‘shooting the moon.’The Edwards statement would certainly make feeling if Edwards is known for taking an excellent risks in all-out efforts. I don’t understand enough about him to recognize if this has actually been generally true, although offering up the big bucks in lawyering to shot his hand in ~ politics could be thought about an example.An ambiguous situation for me is the location of the 1982 movie ‘Shoot the Moon’ starring Albert Finney and also Diane Keaton. The film was sort of a downer in i m sorry a successful writer leaves his wife and also family because that a young thing. The seems choose this can refer come the reality that he slipped turn off in the night and abandoned his household as in the first definition or it can refer come the fact that that was taking a big risk by leaving his family members as in the second definition. Ns think the answer could depend on whether the movie was placed in britain or no (which ns don’t know) since the expression in the 2nd sense is reasonably popular there, making the a reasonable possibility, whereas in the U.S. That feeling is seldom heard, make the 2nd sense much more likely. And also if you desire to figure out why billie Lettes’ (author that Where the heart Is (1996) new book (June 2004) is referred to as Shoot the Moon, you’re going to have to read it yourself (but it’s more than likely # 2)!
<1st sense> <1st sense> <2nd sense, uneven she is singing about absconding in the night without paying she rent! ((Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, it s as beautiful as picture Expressions through Urdang, Cassell’s thesaurus of Slang)__________________Ken G – July 31, 2004
ADDENDUM: In brand-new York City roger Toussaint, the chairman of the transit workers" local, defiantly announced one illegal strike:

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With the fine against the union farming by $1 million every day, Mr. Toussaint may well hope to shoot THE MOON, thinking that the financial penalties could grow therefore large, and also bankruptcy for this reason certain, the his union can just also stay out for 30 days as for 3.