adjective. Supplied to explain a person, place, or thing that"s excessively showy or extravagant. His Lexus is way too shi-shi. Her belt is really shishi. Last edited ~ above Apr 15 2013.

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Click to see complete answer. Hereof, what is a Shi Shi?

shi-shi n. Urine or urination. Likewise make shi-shi or walk shi-shi "to urinate." Editorial Note: Reduplicated shi, from the Japanese shiko "urine." additionally imitative the the sound the streaming water.

Subsequently, concern is, what language is Shi Shi? ? - shìshí (fact in Chinese)

keeping this in consideration, what go Shi Shi in Chinese mean?

; pinyin: shī; Wade–Giles: sh"ih; literally: "corpse") to be a ceremonial "personator" who stood for a dead family member during old Chinese ancestral sacrifices.

What does Shi mean on Snapchat?

Definitions include: "butt fuck".

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What does Che Che mean?

Che. Che is a Spanish diminutive interjection frequently used in Argentina. It is a kind of colloquial slang supplied in a vocative sense as "friend", and thus loosely corresponds to expression such together "mate", "pal", "man", "bro", or "dude", as provided by assorted English speakers.
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What is shee shee?

Origin: infant Lingo – shee shee represents the plot of happen urine. The phrase shee shee is usually provided on toddlers. That is provided to ask the toddlers if they desire to urinate. The constant whistling “shee” sound through a quick interval stop is provided to advice the toddler to urinate.
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What go Chee Chee mean?

(plural chee chees) (US, slang) A breast, tit, tittie. Rarely offered in the singular, usually offered in the plural, chee chees.
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What is the definition of Xie Xie?

xiè xie. To say thanks to thanks say thanks to you.
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What go Hao in Chinese mean?

The Chinese native hao - ? - hăo. (good in Chinese)
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Is there a word for yes in Chinese?

An basic and straightforward word come say yes in Chinese: ?
and also with factor too, as ? is the most straightforward word in Chinese come say yes. Together an adjective, ? means “right; correct” even if it is you"re sure around it or simply think it could be correct.
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What is the Chinese indigenous of give thanks to you?

?? xiè xie thank you is the most used word come thank who in Chinese. As you have the right to see, ?? is a dual syllable word. It can seem a bit hard to pronounce.
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What Ni hao ma means?

The Chinese phrase “ni hao ma” have the right to be analyzed to mean “How are you?” in English. This is a Mandarin Chinese phrase that, if analyzed literally, means, “You good?”
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What execute you typical by Ni Hao?

??!) that means "Hi!", "How perform you do?", "Hello!" the is an daily greeting and also is used at any time, on any occasion and also by a human of any social status. The reply should additionally be " ! (Ni hao!)".
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What go Shay Shay median in Chinese?

Xie xie. Xie xie: pronounced, “shay shay.” thank you.

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What walk Shen me mean?

The Chinese term for “what” is ??written traditionally, or ??written in simplified form. In Mandarin Chinese, that is pinyin is "shénme." Most typically used together a question word, ??/ ??can additionally be used in specific statements. Because that example, ???/ ???(méi shénme) converts to "it doesn"t matter" or "it"s nothing."
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What does SHÌ median in Chinese?

shì strokes. 9. meaning. shì : (verb) to be (is, are, am) / yes.
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