What does ruca mean?

Ruca has a selection of definition in different Spanish dialects, variously referring come arugula, a type of hut, one old lady or spinster, a girl friend or wife, a whore, or a female gang member.

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Ruca for “arugula” comes from a Latin root that additionally yields the leafy greens’ brother name, rocket.

Ruca because that a type of “thatched hut” comes from the language of the aboriginal Mapuche human being of Chile and also Argentina. Spanish then embraced the word.

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Staying in south America, the aboriginal Quechuan rukhu means “old,” which Spanish apparently adjusted as ruca when it borrowed the word. This spread particularly in mexico slang, where it can refer to a “has-been.”

The “old” sense of ruca came to be a shorthand for older women, particularly in the sense of “old lady” as it’s provided as slang for a female far-ranging other. By the 1950s, ruca was offered to define to girlfriends that Chicano gangsters in the unified States as well as female gang members more generally. This use affected ruca together 1990s prison slang for a male “inmate’s girlfriend or wife.”

Baby girl, wanna it is in my ruca??

— joseph (
jugashu) august 30, 2018

The California-based rock tape Sublime aided popularized ruca as “girlfriend” in 1992 with their track “Waiting because that My Ruca” off your hit album 40 Oz. To Freedom. In it, the singer asks his ruca: “Ramona, am i the only one?”

examples of ruca

The machi lived in a thatched-roof hut, or ruca, above an isolated tiny lagoon.
Patrick Tierney, The highest possible Altar, 1990
I constantly smile in ~ the old lady from job-related that dog me, para que me odies más RUCA