A quart (qt) is a unit that volume in the U.S. Customary and imperial systems of measurement. The meaning of a quart is based upon the gallon; 1 quart is a quarter of a gallon, hence the name. This means that the yes, really volume is dependency on the meaning of the gallon. In terms of milliliters:

1 quart (US) = 946.353 mL

1 quart (imperial) = 1136.523

Many different interpretations of the gallon (and therefore quart) have actually been supplied in the past, but the definitions over are two that space still in use.

US vs imperial quarts

A quart is just one unit the volume in the united state customary and also imperial systems of measurement that is defined relative come the gallon. A few others include the pint, cup, and also gill. The relationships between these units space the exact same in both solution of measurement.

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1 quart=
= 2 pints
= 4 cups
= 8 gills

Although the relationships above are the exact same in both the united state customary and also imperial systems of measurement, both systems use different definitions of a gallon. As such, a quart is a 4 minutes 1 of a gallon in both systems, but the yes, really measurement of every quart is different. Lock are generally compared in regards to milliliters. Since 1 us gallon is same to 3,785.412 mL and 1 imperial gallon is same to 4,546.092 mL:

US customary system:

1 quart = 946.353 mL1 pint = 473.177 mL1 cup = 236.589 mL1 gill = 118.295 mL

Imperial system:

1 quart = 1136.523 mL1 pint = 568.262 mL1 cup = 284.131 mL1 gill = 142.065 mL

The US further differentiates quarts right into liquid quarts and also dry quarts:

US liquid quart = 946.353 mL

US dried quart = 1101.221 mL

Knowing (or referencing) the over relationships permits us come convert between various units of measurement. This is important because it enables people about the people to interact measurements even if various measurement systems room used.


What is the volume in milliliters that a 2 quart jug of milk using both the united state customary and also imperial solution of measurement?

1. United state customary system:

2 × 946.353 = 1892.736 mL

2. Imperial system:

64 × 28.413 = 1818.432 mL

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