The hatchet PPG in basketball is supplied in reference to the number of points per video game that a player scored. PPG is a statistic term and also for recording maintaining purposes all of the points the a player has made in a particular collection of games, prefer in a season, will certainly be tallied, then split by the variety of games they play in.

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When this numbers space tallied together, they provide you through the average number of points per video game that a player makes. By adding the points and dividing lock by the variety of games the eliminates the one-time games where a player scores an extreme amount that points and also lets you view what they frequently score in a continuous game.


There room a most other statistics that are maintained so the you can tell what kind of player a person is, and where their strengths lie in the game.

A glossary of Statistic Terminology

PTS – refers to the point out scored.

PF – refers to the an individual fouls the player has gathered during the course of video game play. University basketball includes the variety of technical fouls a player has in your PF numbers however in the NBA technical fouls space not tallied like this.

SPG – describes the steal per game. The term steal is used each time a player takes the ball that is play away from another player with legal moves and also maneuvers. Choose the PPG this number is an build-up of every one of the steals a player makes in a set number of games. Then the number is separated by the variety of games come get an exact average.

FGA – refers to the number of field goal shots a player took.

FG% -refers to the portion of field goals the player effectively made compared to the number the they tried to make.

FT% – refers to the percent of cost-free throws a player prospered at contrasted to the number of complimentary throw shots lock attempted.

GS – describes the number of games the player has been a starting player in.

MIN – describes the variety of minutes a player has actively played in a game.

MPG – this is in recommendation to the minutes every game. Anytime the per game is consisted of in the statistic, choose PPG, the combination of minute in a collection of games is considered and also then the number is divided by the actual number of games to develop an average number.

3PT% – speak you the percentage of times the a player effectively made a three-point shot. To derive this number, they take it the variety of total three-point attempts and also compare it come the number of three-point scores the player had.

3PTM – tells you the exact number of three-point shots the a player succeeded at making.

A – describes an assist which is the happen of the round to one more player that effectively leads come the various other player perfect a score basket and also scoring.

APG – tells you how countless assists a player makes on median per game that castle play in.

TF – speak you the total variety of fouls a player made.

TECHF – speak you the number of technical fouls a player made

TO – speak you the variety of turnovers that taken place by a player permitting the possession the the round to taken from them because they were charging, traveling, or committing an additional violation. This includes balls that are merely thrown away throughout the food of video game play.

TOPG – this is a every game total of revolve overs that mirrors the average variety of times a player does something that results in a turnover every game. As with the various other per video game statistics a specific set of games, choose all the games in one season are considered when the statistic is being calculated.

TR – speak you the variety of rebounds a player makes throughout a game.

These statistics are really useful tools to coaches and recruiters who are looking to improve the play activity of their team. The statistics tell the coaches what toughness a player holds during the games, and it prepares them once their team is around to confront that player as an opponent. If the statistics present that a player is an excellent at thefts balls, or really successful in ~ making three-point shots the coaching staff can prepare their team to prevent the player kind being put into a position where they deserve to use their strength.

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It seems favor basketball is really complicated, but it really is not. It is just that statistics room the only way to guarantee that a players’ staminas are known by various other players and also by various other teams. The is hard to say a player is the ideal at miscellaneous if you do not have actually statistics that ago up her claim.