Games (G)The variety of game a player has actually played at a given position.

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Games began (GS)The variety of games in i beg your pardon a player has actually started in the game at that position.
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Attempts (ATT)Player throws the round forward, attempting to contend a pass.
Completions (COMP)When a player completes a pass to a player who is standard to record a pass.
Yards (YDS)Total yards gained passing the ball.
Touchdowns (TDS)Number of perfect passes leading to a touchdown.
Interceptions (INT)When a player picks off a pass from the attack player who threw it. It can"t struggle the ground first.
Long (LNG)Total yards the the longest pass play.
Sacks enabled (SACK)Number of times the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.
Sack Yardage (SYDS)Total number of yards shed when the quarterback was sacked by the defense.
Fumbles (FUM)Number of time the quarterback fall the football prior to a pat is puffy dead.
Fumbles shed (LST)Number of times the quarterback loser possession the the football after fumbling the ball.
Completion portion (CmpPct)Percentage of completed passes.Formula: COMP/ATT
Yards per Attempt (YdsAtt)Average number of yards acquired per passing attempt.Formula: YDS/ATT
Touchdown portion (TDPct)Percentage of pass attempts that an outcome in a touchdown.Formula: TDS/ATT
Interception percent (IntPct)Percentage of happen attempts that an outcome in one interception.Formula: INT/ATT
Yards (YDS)Total rushing yards gained.
Attempts (ATT)(also Carries) Rushing attempts.
Touchdowns (TDS)Rushing touchdowns.
Fumbles (FUM)Number of time the player autumn the football before a beat is puffy dead.
Fumbles lost (LST)Number of times the player loser possession that the football ~ fumbling the ball.
Longest (LNG)Longest single Carry (in Yards).
Average (AVG)Average Yards per Carry.
Receptions (REC)Number of time a player catches a forward pass.
Yards (YDS)Total yards gained when recording the ball.
Yards After record (YAC)The forward yardage got from the clues of the reception till the recipient is downed, runs out of bounds, scores, or loses the ball.
Average (AVG)Average Yards per Reception
Touchdowns (TDS)Receiving Touchdowns
Dropped overcome (DROP)Number that catchable balls a receiver drops.
Fumbles (FUM)Number of time the player autumn the football before a play is swollen dead.
Fumbles shed (LST)Number of times the player loses possession of the football after ~ fumbling the ball.
Longest (LONG)Longest reception (in Yards)
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Tackles Solo(TKS)Player singlehandedly takes under the ball carrier.
Tackles Asst(TKA)Player bring away down ball carrier with assist from an additional player.
Tackles because that Loss(TFL) SoloNumber the solo tackles for a lose of yards
Tackles because that Loss(TFL) AsstNumber of helped tackles for a ns of yards. Go not include sacks.
Tackles for Loss(TFL) YdsTotal yards lost from tackles
Sacks Solo(SKS)Number of time a solitary player tackles the quarterback behind the heat of scrimmage.
Sacks Asst(SKA)Player sacks the quarterback with assist from another player.
Sack YdsTotal yards lost from sacks.
Passes protected (DEFL)Any happen which a defender, through contact with the football, causes to it is in incomplete
Forced Fumbles (FF)When a player (on defense or one-of-a-kind teams) pressures the player with the sphere to shed it.
Fumble Recoveries (FREC)When a player recovers the loosened ball, either on offense, defense of special teams.
Fumble Return Yards (FYDS)The yards built up after a ball has actually been fumbled, then recovered.
Hurries (HRY)Player pressures the quarterback to throw the football prior to he is ready.
Safeties (SFTY)Player scores 2 points through tackling an adversary in possession of the sphere in his own finish zone.
Blocks (BLK)Number of clogged Punts and Kicks
Interceptions (INT)A pass that is captured by a defensive player, providing his team possession of the ball.
Interception Return Yardage (INT YDS)Yards compiled by a defensive player returning one or more interceptions.
Average Yards per Interception (INT AVG)Average number of yards obtained after intercepting the football.
Touchdowns (TDS)Player scores a touchdown instantly after one interception, fumble, or clogged kick.
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Field Goals
Made (M)Good kicks in between the goal posts.
Attempted (A)Kicker do the efforts to kick the ball between the goal posts.
Percentage (Pct)Percentage of kicks that are good. Formula: Made/Attempted
Long (LNG)Longest absent Made.
Blocked (BLK)Blocked Kicks.
Kickoffs (KO)Total variety of times a kicker kicked off.
Yards (Yds)Total yards from kickoffs made by a kicker.
Out Of border (OOB)Number of kickoffs that go the end of bounds.
Average (Avg)The average yards the kickoffs made by a kicker. Formula: Yds/KO
Touchbacks (TB)The variety of kicks the land in the end zone or finish up rolling right into the end zone and also are not returned.
Touchback percentage (TB%)Percentage that kickoffs that result in a touchback. Formula: TB/KO
Onside Kicks (OSK)Number of times a kicker test a 10-yard absent in hopes of gift recovered by the kicking team.
Onside Kicks Recovered (OSKR)Number that 10-yard kickoff attempts recovered by the kicking team.
PUNTSNumber the Punts
Yards (YDS)Total punt Yards
Average (AVG)Average Yards every Punt
Long (LNG)Longest Punt
Touchbacks (TB)Plays in which the ball is rule dead on or behind a team"s very own goal heat after a kickoff, punt, interception, or fumble.
Touchback percent (TB%)Percentage the punts causing a touchback.Formula: TB/PUNTS
Inside 20 (IN20)Punts downed inside the 20 yard line.
Percent within 20 (In20%)Percentage the punts downed within the 20 garden line.Formula: IN20/PUNTS
Blocked (BLK)Number that punts blocked.
Returns (RET)Number of punts returned.
Return Yardage (RYDS)Total yardage returned.
Return average (RAVG)Average yards every returnFormula: RYDS/RET
Kick/Punt Returns
Yards (YDS)Yards returned
Attempts (ATT)Number the kicks/punts returned.
Touchdowns (TDS)Returns resulting in a touchdown.

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Fair catches (FC)Player returning a punt signals by waving his expanded arm from next to side end his head, making that illegal for the the contrary to handle him.
Long (LNG)Longest single Return Yardage
Average (AVG)Average Return YardageFormula: YDS/ATT
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Team Offense/Defense
Pts F/Pts APoints because that (Scored) or Points against (Allowed)
Rushing YdsTotal Rushing Yards
Rushing AttNumber that Rushing Plays
Rushing AvgRushing AverageFormula: rush Yds/Rush Plays
Passing YdsPassing Yards
Passing AttPassing Plays
Passing AvgPassing AverageFormula: happen Yds/Pass Plays
FGsField Goals
Yds TotTotal Yards (Pass and also Rush)
TOPTime the Possession
1st DnsTotal Number of an initial Downs
3rd down Conv Third under Conversions
3rd down AttThird down Attempts
4th down ConvFourth down Conversions
4th under AttFourth down Attempts
Penalties NumNumber of penalty commited by the team
Penalties YdsTotal yards from penalty commited through the team