That’s the an interpretation of No Ka ‘Oi in Hawaiian, and also we adopted the surname for our Kauai landscaping firm since we set high criter for ours work. We want our client to know that us live approximately our name. Being the best means operating a company that is relevant, focused on quality and also delivers uncommon customer service—we care around every property as if it were our own.

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Here"s a look at what No Ka "Oi way to the No Ka Oi Landscape solutions staff.

Dedicated to Manuahi

By that, we average taking the extra measure. We strive come exceed clients’ expectations, and also because of that they talk about us. A significant percentage of our work is based upon referrals, therefore we know that numerous of the clients that hire us execute so because of our no ka ‘oi culture.

It’s our project to uphold our reputation by going the extra mile, even if it is that method suggesting sustainable remedies that will ease maintenance and lessen the eco-friendly impact, or ensuring the every building looks immaculate after transferring landscape maintenance service.

Focused ~ above Commercial see Maintenance

No Ka ‘Oi Landscape solutions is devoted to commercial landscape maintenance. Eighty percent of our work is maintenance, and 20 percent is design/build, mostly renovations for our maintain clients, which enables them to work with a firm that important understands your needs.

We no trying to be everything to everyone. We space the only agency in Kauai focused on maintenance, and we favor installation relationships to change into permanent maintenance. The way, we recognize we have the right to maintain the integrity of the landscape.

Committed come Sustainability

Kauai is well-known as the garden island — it is our duty to create and maintain landscapes that room natural and sustainable. This method we need to look at new ways the approaching challenges in Kauai commercial landscapes.

We find for ways to lighten our eco-friendly footprint—and our clients evaluate that the sustainable landscape us design and also maintain are much easier to care for and also look lush due to the fact that the plants room intended because that our island environment.

Training the best Landscapers

We invest in educating ours employees and also emphasize safety. This is necessary to client who have the right to rest assured that our team members approach every project with care and also consideration.

No Ka ‘Oi Landscape solutions is a two-time receiver of PLANET’s no accidents/injuries award. That way our agency had a perfect safety document for two five-year stretches—something we’re very proud of.

Spreading the No Ka ‘Oi

Looking for “the best” commercial landscape agency in Kauai and also not sure where come start? We’ve obtained a an excellent idea. Ours priority is educating others about the worth of landscape, and also we’d love to talk to you about why rental a contractor with high standards matters to your business.

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Give united state a contact anytime. Together we tell our clients, we’re big, we’re beautiful—and we’re nice. Ring us at 808-335-5887, or usage our basic contact kind to get in touch directly.