Marone – (Southern Italian dialect)– precise "Madonna" (i.e. – the Blessed Virgin Mary,not the pop star), normally used together "damn" or "damn it". Sometimespronounced "ma don". Pazzo – (Italian) – crazy,often dialecized as "obatzo" or "ubatz" when definition "you"recrazy".

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Marone means brown in Italian. The wordis "madon,"" quick for "madonna."

Likewise, what walk Gabagool mean in Italian? " Formally recognized as capicola, gabagool isby no method the most trendy or popular of the Italian coldcuts, yet it is the most fun come say.

Also, what does Gavone in Italian mean?

ns gather a gavone is. Someone from the southernpart of Italy, or one area in Italy considered. Lowerclass by some. Caffone (which is express "gavone"depending ~ above dialect) means "commoner. Or commonperson"

What walk Stugotz typical in Italian?

It is one americanized expression of contempt supplied byItalian immigrants to the US acquired from a part of the malebody. The is no Italian or Italian slang ordialect.

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What go Gagootz mean?

It means your "crazy in the head." but if you"rein, say, a mature, Italian-American gentleman"s garden, that"gagootz" describes a long, hanging squash typicallyharvested in August. Actually, that"s really a"cucuzza."
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What walk Gumba mean?

Goombah (also spelled Goomba, Goombah, Gumba, orGumbah) is slang for people of Italian descent, mostly inthe joined States, v several related connotations come the Mafiaor gangs that Italian or Italian-American origin.
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What go Stunad typical in Italian?

Stunod is southerly Italian dialect for "stupid"or having one"s head in the clouds and also not paying attention, fromthe Italian "stonato" i m sorry means, "out oftune"
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What go jabroni typical in Italian?

Grant traces this happy insult, meaning a“rube” or “loser,” come the 1920s, whenItalian immigrants lugged over a similar-sounding Milaneseterm because that “ham.” Jabronie is also commonly used inprofessional wrestling, introduce to those guys set up to lose tothe superstars.
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What walk Strunz median in Italian?

It is derived from old German strunz("shit"). It"s a contraction of "va" a fare in culo" (literally "godo (it) in the ass"). "Vattela a pijà "n der culo"is the Romanesco form for vaffanculo, while in NorthernItaly "vai a cagare" (lit.
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What does Madonna Mia in Italian mean?

From Italian madonna, native Old Italian ma(“my”) + donna (“lady”). It was firstattested in 1552 and also its meaning was primarily(Italian) woman.
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What walk Premadonna mean?

A prima donna is a diva: someone who acts likethey are the star the the show. The term is not an humiliation if you"retalking about an actual opera star, yet if anyone else is referred to as aprima donna, it means they"re terriblyvain.
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What does Madone typical in The Sopranos?

"Madone" (not "Marone") is your truncated way ofsaying "Madonna" -- mom Mary -- the Theotokos -- the mom ofJesus Christ. So "Oooof Madone!" is like saying "Oh MotherMary!"
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What is a Gavone?

Gavone: also cafone, which equates as "boor."This country-bumpkin designation usually suggests crude manners.Correct usage: "Don"t be a gavone and also eat every the cannoli."Oobatz: look at hard and you"ll watch pazzo, the Italian indigenous for"crazy."
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What is a Fanook?

Fanook, or Finook: acquired from "finocchio" orfennel, a derogatory term for homsexual or gay, i.e., people thatwiseguys feeling nervous around.
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What walk Jadrool mean?

jadrool. Noun. (plural jadrools) (slang,US, Italian American) a loser; a bum.
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What does the word Stugots average in Italian?

Stugots is a translitteration come English spellingof the Neapolitan pronunciation of the Italian vulgar slangexpression “sto cazzo”, precise meaning“my cock”, v the counter of C come G adding afurther layer of uncouthness come the one of vulgarity.
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What is the F native in Italian?

Pope Francis Accidentally claims The F-Word InItalian. Aboriginal Spanish speak Pope Francis, usingItalian in his weekly Vatican attend to Sunday, said theobscene “cazzo,” i beg your pardon Italians frequently utter together anF-bomb, rather of “caso,” i m sorry means“case.”
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What is a Moolinyan?

The hatchet moolinyan is really rarely used. That morecommonly used in the TV show, The Sopranos. The usual term isMoolie, i beg your pardon is shortened indigenous melanzana, which way eggplant inItalian. One more term is Moolignon, i beg your pardon is the combination ofmoolie and also hooligan.
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What walk Ditsoon mean in Italian?

Italian indigenous meaning "Burnt", used as aderogatory term because that blacks. Usage: for this reason lets gain this straight,your"e ditsoon, charcial briquette,a mulignan.

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ditsoon rate. (Adult / Slang) obsolete Chicago happy nicknamefor a black color male homosexual.
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