The ax ken (kanji: 剣) means "sword " in English. That is composed けん in hiragana..

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This kanji can also be check out as tsurugiTSURUGI剣"sword "learn more.... Both ken and tsurugi median sword. Though ken is the Chinese analysis of the kanji, you have the right to use that on its own without any kind of risk of confusion (within the suitable context, of course).

Neither ken, used by itself, no one tsurugi describes Japanese swords. However, ken is offered in words choose kenpō (剣法) and also kenjutsuKENJUTSU剣術"the art of swords"learn more... (剣術), i beg your pardon both typical “the art of (Japanese) sword fighting.” In addition, over there is the art of kendō (剣道), accurate the “way” of the sword.

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