I understand the definition of this idiom, and also idioms are offered as lock are, yet idioms often have stories behind. Why is it no "in the books"?Could that be the in the old days human being used slates of rocks to compose on?



My guess is that this is choose "on the list" vs "in the list". You typically append brand-new entries to an account book or ledger (more generally, you modify it). The is not favor a book that is composed once and for all. The exact same is true of laws and also law books (believe the or not).

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When points are included to a list, they are typically put on that (at the end), not in it. This is the exact same kind of activity associated with a log in book, an account book, etc. In countless respects they room lists.

Even when, as for a regulation book, friend can add entries in the center or change existing entries, the general activity is to update something the is ~ above the list. IOW, ns think it is the list nature the dominates for this type of "book".

And for on the books girlfriend are certainly checking whether something is listed, i.e., is on the list that is the book.

wait in line and also get in line rather of wait ~ above line and also get on line.>

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