Hi,I’d like to recognize what different meanings might have this expression “I feel you”. Or what paper definition it is supplied in…


“I feeling you” =? i am feeling you -> a sort of emotion of oneness, IMO. A lovestory might serve the a good context.

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“I feel you” is one odd phrase, and also I would most likely never use it.

The only time i would have the ability to use it would be if i were remote or in a very dark ar where that is difficult to see. I would be feather for one more person in there, and I’d have to do that by touch rather of by sight. As soon as my hands had uncovered the person, I’d say, “Ah! ns feel you!”

‘I feeling you’ is a slang expression, an interpretation to understand, sympathize, or agree with. I think it originates from rap/hip-hop slang or BE/AAVE.

It’s very similar in context to the paragraph “I feel your pain”, or “I hear you/I hear that.”, and also the usage is similar.

After hearing somebody go turn off on a rant or make part complaints, you will do respond through “I feel you, (___)” normally complied with by the person’s surname or some type of address, such together ‘man’, ‘bro(ther)’, ‘sister’, etc.

It’s additionally the location of at the very least a half-dozen or more songs by various artists.

Yeah…Skrej. It is the way I heard of the expression, in a movie. And these males were type of rappers. However, among these guys said that like, “I feeling you, dude”.

But i would choose to recognize if the expression needs to do v the one you say once something bad is walk on: “It doesn’t feeling right”.

Once more, many thanks !

“It doesn’t feeling right,” is traditional bsci-ch.org that way that something no seem normal.

“I feel you,” is street slang among the reduced classes of black Americans, and also probably climate imitated by younger Americans. It just means, “I sympathize with you,” or, “I empathize through you.” If someone wanted to, the could pick to misinterpret, “I feeling you,” as meaning something like, “I put my hand in her trousers.”

Torsten - I’m certain that Dave Gahan feeling something comparable to what Haihao perceived. Remember the chorus? “This is the morning of our love, its just the dawning of our love”

Hah, seems favor everybody has done a track with that title.

I didn’t listen to these to watch if they’re consist of or all initial songs, yet in addition to Depeche Mode, every one of the following have a song referred to as “I feeling You”:

3 Doors DownSchiller (featuring Heppner)DesiréNelly FurtadoPlacebo

Heppner (Wolfsheim)

Love them. It’s to be ages due to the fact that my critical concert. Simply a bit of fond memories below

You space absolutely right, Dana. Peter Heppner is one of very few Germans who have been creating electronic music ~ above an international level for decades. He truly is a good musician and entrepreneur

. By the way, welcome to our bsci-ch.org!

Aside from pop songs and the prefer where language can do somersaults whenever that likes, I’d favor to get back to the initial post about ‘I feel you’. The expression sounds odd but no doubt it drops into the interpretations that have actually been suggested. Ns would use this expression rather - i feel for you .

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Not fairly - this is one AAVE derivative.“I feel for you” implies sympathy or pity (standard bsci-ch.org)“I feeling you” shows deep expertise of situation or perspective, AAVE“I’m emotion you” shows feelings that affections or attraction, AAVE“I’m emotion it” indicates a atmosphere of impetus or jubilance , AAVE“I’m not feeling it” expresses a desire to not take part *or a partial dislike, AAVE

The expression is nuanced, ambiguous and diffuse in ~ Americanized standard bsci-ch.org. AAVE derivative however not course stratified or reflective: unshened but suitable within official conversational setting at assorted (social) course levels. Not appropriate for unqualified composed communication, emotive if used in created communication. Conveys understanding as contrasted to sympathy or empathy. The expertise (emote) may be sorry or empathic but the consumption semantic is “I know (you)”(Spoken or written) AAVE dilution or password switching would certainly be “I feel wherein you’re coming from”

It means more 보다 I understand. It’s a little more like empathy, or understanding due to the fact that of a common experience. It’s usually used in solution to one more person talking about something an adverse that taken place in your life.