When watching movie I frequently heard the females in the movies stated "I choose him to get down on me". So,

What walk "get down on someone" mean?


OK, therefore there room two feasible phrases and you have the right to pick whichever you think it means based ~ above context:

"Get down on me".

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"Get down" can mean "dance" and so it have the right to mean "dance through me".

Here"s some of the lyrics of a tune that has actually the title "Get under on It".

Hey, hey, yeah, what you gonna do? friend wanna get down?

Tbsci-ch.org me, what friend gonna do? perform you wanna get down?

What friend gonna do? you wanna acquire down?

(Get your earlier up off the wall, dance, come on)

(Get your ago up off the wall, dance, come on)

There is a possibility that they"re actually saying "go under on me".

This is a euphemism for dental sex.

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Getting down on someone might mean CRITICISE.For instance, Lynn"s always getting under on the kids.

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Means both. To get down is come boogie ,dance, gain groovy , move funky to the music.. Or to go under on who is come go under there listed below the bbsci-ch.orgybutton and also get funky v it , wash the genital area v your mouth. Additionally common feeling if her at a dance and also someone says come on let"s get down .would you expose your privates or dance? Or if your having actually sex and your companion asks to go down on you would certainly you was standing up and also dance?

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