Games (G)The variety of game a player has played in.This box should be checked to go into stats because that a player.

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Games began (GS)The variety of games in which a player has actually started in the game.
Minutes play (MIN)The total variety of minutes a player has actually played in the games.
Minutes play Per game (MPG)The average variety of minutes a player has actually played per game.Formula: minutes / Games
Field goals (FG)A basket score on any type of shot various other than a complimentary throw, worth two or 3 points relying on the distance of the attempt from the basket.
Three allude Field goals (3FG)A field goal precious 3 points because the shooter had both feet behind the 3-point line once he exit the ball.
Free throw (FT)An unguarded shot taken native the foul heat by a player whose adversary committed a personal or technological foul; the is precious 1 point.
Two point Field objectives (2FG) (Admin)A ar goal worth 2 points because the shooter had actually a foot within the 3-point line once he released the ball.(Only offered for stat entry)
Attempts (A)A shot intended for the basket.
Made (M)When the ball enters the basket from over and scores.
Percentage (%)The percentage of shots made.Formula: made / Attempted
Rebounds (RB)When a player take away a round that is coming off the pickled in salt or backboard ~ a shoot attempt.
Offensive Rebounds (RBO, O) A fag by a player on offense.
Defensive Rebounds (RBD, D)A cant by a player ~ above defense.
Total Rebounds (RB, TOT)Total number of rebounds native both offense and defense.Formula: offensive Rebounds + defensive Rebounds
Rebounds Per video game (RPG)The average number of total rebounds per game.Formula: (RBO + RBD) / games
Defensive stop (DFS)The number of times a player can take credit transaction for shutting down the opposing team, either with a forced miss, a forced turnover, or ending the possession with a protective rebound.
Assists (AST)The last pass to a teammate the leads straight to a ar goal; the scorer need to move immediately toward the basket for the passer come be attributed with an assist; just 1 assist have the right to be attributed per ar goal.
Turnovers (TO)When the violation loses possession v its own fault by happen the sphere out of bounds or committing a floor violation.
Assist to Turnover proportion (A/T)The proportion of assists every turnovers. A ratio beneficial for measure up a players performance in dealing with the ball.Formula: Assists / Turnovers
Steals (STL)To take it the round away indigenous the the contrary team, either off the dribble or by picking off a pass.
Blocks (BLK)The successful deflection the a shot by touching part of the round on its means to the basket, thereby preventing a ar goal.
Charges (taken) (CHG)When a defender causes an offensive player to get a charging violation, bring about a turnover.
Deflections (DFL)Deflection of the ball by the defense (other than blocked shots).
Personal Foul (PF)Contact in between players the may result in injury or administer one team v an unfair advantage; players may not push, hold, trip, hack, elbow, restrain or charge into an opponent; this are also counted together team fouls.
Technical Foul (TF)Procedural violations and misconduct that officials think are detrimental to the game; penalized through a single free-throw possibility to the non-offending team (2 free-throws in college).
Points (PTS)A number to stand for the worth of a basket made and also the scores that the teams.

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Points Per game (PPG)The average number of points scored every game.Formula: clues / Games
Plus-Minus (+/-)The allude differential when a player or team is on the floor.
Total Stat points (TSP)The amount of all stat categories.Formula: PTS + RB (O) + RB (D) + STL + DFS + BLK + AST - TO