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No, this article is not referring come the stamin of an individual’s bicep muscle. Instead, it focuses in top top the Flex position in fantasy football. In most scoring formats, this spot is ideal defined as an additional running back, large receiver or tight finish that can be inserted into a starting lineup. At first glance, the Flex position can show up rather arbitrarily in comparison come other materials of a weekly roster. However, it can actually stand for or provide a competitive benefit over an enemy in a matchup. Below, ns offer five tips that can aid maximize the worth of the Flex position in fantasy circles because that 2017.

Utilize attack Stacks

In the occasion of a bye mainly pinch, a sound strategy to follow is stacking a pair of attack skill position players with each other in a fantasy matchup. In the most typical form, this can be achieved by submitting a starting lineup v a quarterback and large receiver that room on the very same NFL team. Based upon the tandem’s output, this tactic can result in a win or loss on any type of given week in fantasy.

Even despite a ridge is far much more common in DFS, the can also be used to redraft leagues on a program basis when challenged with a difficult Flex decision. Therefore, the strategy must be thought about during one actual breeze if a instance presents itself. Because that instance, those that invested in Aaron Rodgers and also Jordy Nelson last season to be clear beneficiaries of may be the best offensive ridge in every one of football. When Rodgers’ output was predictable, Nelson rebounded to the tune of 97 receptions for 1,257 yards receiving and also fourteen touchdowns after lacking the entire 2015 project due to a torn ACL. Albeit a risky proposition due to volatile weeks, offensive stacks can carry out owners a clear benefit from the Flex position in fantasy if made use of correctly.

Be conscious Of video game Times

When in doubt, utilize the Flex spot in a starting lineup because that players through afternoon or primetime gamings on Sunday or Monday. This will certainly maximize roster flexibility and also lengthen decision making time in the process, together players can be taken out of a lineup if crucial prior to kickoff.

Due come the threat of injuries or unexpected weather conditions, never ever occupy the Flex position v a player that is slated ~ above a Thursday night matchup. Act so will limit all future roster decision in a week, including the capacity to acquire and start a popular name turn off of the waiver cable or totally free agency pool.

Examine an Opponent’s beginning Lineup

Before a Flex decision is made, that is crucial to examine the starting lineup of an opponent. While that is impossible to predict specifically how players will certainly perform during a given week, there are actions that have the right to be required to hedge the production of a foe’s lineup. This can be completed by using the Flex position to place a broad receiver in that happens to it is in on the exact same team together an opponent’s quarterback. In various other words, if an individual is starting Andrew luck in a fantasy matchup, then inserting Donte Moncrief right into the Flex spot of a lineup can limit far-ranging damage. Even if other choices are much more favorable on a roster at the running back or tight end positon, selecting Moncrief in this scenario could carry out the best chance of victory for that certain week.

Identify Favorable Matchups

It is imperative to determine favorable matchups for skill place players that are projected to confront suspect defenses in the NFL. Fairly often, this have the right to be a deciding element when forced to do a Flex selection between multiple players. Remember, fantasy soccer is a weekly game. It is reasonable to repeatedly start studs, but those that can effectively pivot and alter a starting lineup without prejudice for a larger reward space often much more successful.

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Exploit beginning Lineup Parameters

Based top top the structure and scoring format of a league, the is encourage to exploit beginning lineup parameters. Because that example, take into consideration placing an additional wide recipient in the Flex clues of a starting lineup in PPR formats. The same logic uses to quarterbacks in a superflex league or to run backs in a premium league where points are awarded because that rushing attempts.