Jake Roberts do the DDT famous but since then, so countless wrestlers use it. Some uncover success but others never ever seem to win through theirs.

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The DDT is among those wrestles moves the was once taken into consideration to be a excellent finisher but throughout the years has actually been used an ext frequently and with less success. If Jake "The Snake" Roberts do the move his peak finisher top top a continual basis, that has since become a frequent component of many wrestlers" arsenals.

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While part wrestlers have ongoing to law the move with an excellent respect and have supplied it as a finisher or an essential part of your in-ring work, others have not. Some wrestlers have chosen to just use that as component of their move collection in every match, which has lugged a lot of bad results.

Drew McIntyre DDT

While attracted McIntyre traditionally supplies the Claymore Kick together his finisher, he is additionally well-known for busting out a DDT regularly. He hits the Future Shock DDT often, v this being one of his special moves.

every little thing that attracted hits always looks great due come the physicality that he rings with. However, his DDT is a huge part of that and is always a an extremely important component of his matches.

Velveteen Dream

Velveteen Dream has actually incorporated a most old-school moves right into his arsenal due to the fact that bursting top top the scene. One of those just so wake up to it is in the DDT, which that does v a spiked variation.

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Dream spins right into his move and that really provides it look different from others who hit it. However, Velveteen Dream doesn"t usage this as a finisher, and also instead, it becomes something that he stops working with.

Ciampa Willows Bell

This draped-DDT is clear very similar to the move that Randy Orton hits, i m sorry is plainly where he obtained the inspiration. However, Tommaso Ciampa"s "Willows Bell" does work as a finishing relocate for him, which makes it the stronger of the two.

Ciampa yes, really sticks the landing with this move, planting the head right right into the mat in order to make it look together impactful together possible. He really ensures that the relocate looks choose it should finish a match, i m sorry is brilliant.

The Miz DDT

come his credit, The Miz constantly makes his DDT watch brilliant and he constantly goes for the pin directly after in bespeak to put the relocate over. However, this is something that never leads to a pinfall.

since Miz never ever actually wins when he access time the move, there is no doubt that he stops working when he supplies the move. It"s other that frequently takes place during his matches halfway through, making use of it together a transitional move.

The current AEW civilization Champion has actually done an amazing task with make the DDT among the most necessary moves in wrestling. Even if it is it"s v his Dirty Deeds or the Paradigm Shift, Jon Moxley has made this relocate really median something again.

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since Moxley has actually been a optimal main event star, having the relocate lead to people Title win showcases pan still evaluate it. The audiences constantly react massively once he nails it, i m sorry is down to his great work through the finisher.

much like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler has actually a beautiful feather DDT i beg your pardon is always an extremely aesthetically pleasing. Since of how an excellent he provides the relocate look, it always gains a reaction together he gets loads of height on it.

However, Ziggler never picks increase the victory through this move. He uses it as a jumping DDT, leaping into the air, frequently as a reversal, transitioning it right into the DDT i m sorry looks great, but never leader to a win.

The Glorious DDT is a great move that constantly looks impactful and also has operated as Robert Roode"s finisher for years. Roode is fairly an old-school wrestler through his psychology and also style, thus having one old-fashioned finisher really functions well.

Everything about Roode is methodical and also the truth he always works on details body components normally enables him to collection up because that the DDT. The way Roode typically launches his adversary into the wait before influence really to add to things as well, as it renders the affect so much better.

much like his previous tag team partner and rival, Johnny Gargano uses the DDT on a regular basis. His version is the slingshot DDT where he leaps end the optimal rope and also then connects through the move upon his return.

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This always looks really good, but Gargano rarely has success v is. This is something that frequently leads come a close to fall and nothing more, which provides it a failure overall. However, he has used the to much more success since transforming heel.

one more wrestler who provides the DDT as his finisher is Andrade, who provides the move look absolutely fantastic. This is the Hammerlock DDT, which always delivers, with the slim variation the him wrapping the arms ago really adding to the move.

it proves how disastrous this old-school move deserve to be as the affect upon the mat really looks great. The fact that fans currently associate this move with a top tier talent simply proves the it is quiet able to it is in a viable finisher.

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Rey Mysterio provides his DDT"s look at tremendous, using his aerial ability to flip about his opponents and also then plant them under to the mat. It constantly looks awesome and also gets a reaction native the fans, but it never leads come him win a match.

However, as only Rey Mysterio can, he entirely innovates to do this move look unique and with his very own style. Being able to perform that helps Mysterio make this relocate his own, which is why it is therefore good. It"s simply a shame the it never gets a result.

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