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How many cL in 1 ounce ?The prize is 2.95735296875.We i think you space converting in between centiliter and ounce .You deserve to view much more details on every measurement unit:cL orounce The SI obtained unit for volume is the cubic meter.1 cubic meter is equal to 100000 cL, or 33814.022558919 ounce .Note that rounding errors might occur, so constantly check the results.Use this page to learn exactly how to convert in between centiliters and also ounces.Type in your very own numbers in the kind to transform the units!

››Quick conversion graph of cL to oz

1 cL to oz = 0.33814 ounce

5 cL to ounce = 1.6907 ounce

10 cL to oz = 3.3814 ounce

20 cL to oz = 6.7628 oz

30 cL to oz = 10.14421 ounce

40 cL to ounce = 13.52561 oz

50 cL to oz = 16.90701 oz

75 cL to oz = 25.36052 oz

100 cL to oz = 33.81402 ounce

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You can do the turning back unit counter fromounce come cL, or enter any type of two systems below:

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››Definition: Centilitre

A centilitre (cL or cl) a metric unit the volume that is same to one hundredth that a litre and is same to a little much more than 6 tenths (0.6102) the acubic inch, or one third (0.338) that a fluid ounce.

››Definition: Ounce

Note that this is a fluid ounce measure up volume, no the typical ounce that actions weight. The only applies for a liquid oz in U.S. Measurements.

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