Internet searching says the expression "born and also bred in Boston" method the exact same thing as "born and raised in Boston."

But "bred" is the past-tense of "breed."

Might "born and also bred in Boston" have actually originally meant "born in Boston to parental who stayed in Boston at the time of conception"?


The speak born and bred dates earlier at least to the 17th century as presented in Ngram. To each other at the time currently meant also to prosper up ( so late 14th c.) so there is not factor to intend that the expression had originally a definition different native the modern-day one.

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Born and bred:

offered to say that someone was born and also grew increase in a specific place, and has the typical character of who who lives there:

Breed (v.): (Etymonline)

Old bredan "bring young come birth, carry," additionally "cherish, save warm," from West german *brodjan (cognates: Old High German bruoten, German brüten "to brood, hatch"), from *brod- "fetus, hatchling," native PIE *bhreue- "burn, heat" (see brood (n.)). Original id of the word was incubation, warming come hatch. Sense of "grow up, it is in reared" ( in a clan, etc.) is late 14c.
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RE: "born and bred," come WS2--you Britishers perform not preserve exclusivity of the ax "brought up." the term, together with "raised" and also "grew up," are likewise used in the united States, more or less synonymously, to describe how, when and where a person has lived in her/his formative years, generally eras 0-18 year old. By the way, i was in reality born and bred in the greater Boston area. Better Boston is a hatchet encompassing Boston proper and its more immediate suburban environs within about 25 miles in any direction.
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According come the OED,

to it is in born and bred, or bred and born: an alliterative expression in i m sorry bred has actually usually feeling 9, though previously sense 1.

1542 N. Udall tr. Erasmus Apophthegmes f. 133v

In the very same Isle born, breden, and also brought vp.

a1616 Shakespeare Twelfth Night (1623) i. Ii. 20

I was bred and borne Not 3 houres trauaile from this very place.

Sense 9 is the of animal husbandry, whereas sense 1 is that

trans. claimed of a woman parent: come cherish (brood) in the womb or egg; to bring (offspring) forward from the germ to the birth; to hatch (young birds) native the egg; to create (offspring, children).

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This suggests that bred and also born would certainly be much more congruent with the chronology of gravidity and parturition, however binomial indigenous order does not depend on together things, therefore thunder and lightning. Or perhaps, in the reverse procedure of kith and kin, people pertained to associate the saying v a various sense the breed. Appropriate after that is entry because that born and bred, the OED attests come breed meaning

come train approximately a state of physics or psychological development. … b. To train up (young persons) in the arts of life; to educate, tutor, bring up. … †(a) to train by education, educate, teach. Obs. (b) To bring up from childhood, consisting of all the circumstances which walk to form the spiritual persuasion, manners, position in life, and also trade.