Comprehensive review of Alka-Seltzer Original. Watch what actual experts and also actual users need to say around this hangover cure.

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Product Name:  Alka-Seltzer Original

Overall Rating:

Product Type: Tablets

Size: 72 tablets per box

Price: $12.99

Cost per Serving: $0.36

Where come Buy: Click Here

Top Ingredients:  Anhydrous Citric Acid, Aspirin, sodium Bicarbonate

Overall Opinion:

Alka-Seltzer is a typical over the respond to remedy for pain and upset stomach.

It’s soft ~ above the stomach and provides an extremely quick relief.

It’s simple to take because it doesn’t have a solid taste or smell.

I offered it together a hangover cure come treat mine headache and upset stomach. The relieved those symptoms extremely fast, leave me feeling prepared to dominate the day.

It is very affordable and also can it is in purchased at most grocery and also convenient stores.

Although Alka-Seltzer didn’t provide me a rise of energy, i was really pleased v Alka-Seltzer original as a hangover cure.

The Details:

Ease the Use

Alka-Seltzer is an extremely easy come use.

Drop two tablets in a 4oz glass of water. Let them dissolve, then drink away.

I provided the tablets the morning ~ drinking. I really choose that Alka-Seltzer works to cure a hangover the morning after ~ a night of alcoholic beverages.

It’s a rapid go come for once I forget to take a preventive hangover medicine throughout or directly after drinking.


It doesn’t have actually a bad or overwhelming taste at all. It just tastes favor fizzy water.

I placed the tablets in cold water because I think it tastes better that way.

Morning After outcomes

I had actually a couple of glasses of delicious champagne with dinner. Unfortunately, I always get a unstable hangover or yucky headache after drink champagne.

The following morning, i woke up through a headache and minor stomachache, so I automatically drank the Alka-Seltzer water in wishes of obtaining some relief.

In about 20 minutes, my headache and upset stomach had totally gone away! Alka-Seltzer to be a quick and also effective success.

Ingredient evaluation

Alka-Seltzer has actually 3 crucial ingredients.

It has Anhydrous Citric mountain (Antacid), Aspirin, and Sodium Bicarbonate (Antacid).

The Aspirin instantly fights aches and also pain, if the other two ingredients resolve the stomach.

Side effects

Luckily, ns didn’t suffer any major side impacts from Alka-Seltzer.


It expenses $12.99 because that a package of 72 tablets.

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That works out to around $0.36 per serving.

Alka-Seltzer is very inexpensive! :)


Luckily, it has actually a 30-day money back guarantee. :)

Where come Buy

To buy Alka-Seltzer Original: Click Here

Alka-Seltzer Original: Summary

FactorAlka-Seltzer Original
Overall Rating
Ease the UseVery basic to use
Morning after ResultsQuickly cure hangover symptoms
Top IngredientsAnhydrous Citric Acid, Aspirin, sodium Bicarbonate
Side EffectsI skilled no major side effects :)
Price$12.99 a package, $0.36 per serving
Where to BuyClick Here

Alka-Seltzer original Review